30 Day Detox


So excited to say I’ve now completed my 30-day detox and lost 8.8lbs which for me is AMAZING! I was so hesitant stepping on my scale this morning because I’m so used to not losing a thing but I was so happy to see that scale with that loss😊. Now to put it away for another month👍. Some of the amazing recipes I’ve cooked this month were: Chorizo Tacos, garlic greens and rice, pizza and then mini pizza puffs, chia seed black bean burgers, farro and kale soup, zesty noodle bowl, pressure cooked pasta, Garlic Lovers’ Bread Sticks, egg rolls and duck sauce, Greek yogurt, chia seed jam and much more. I can honestly, honestly say that this way of eating I could stick to for life (my husband also agrees).


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