40 Pounds in 4 months No Exercise


40 Pounds in 4 months No Exercise


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I’m Jennie, and I’m raving about the Protective Diet. I feel better than I have in years! I’m almost 77, and I feel like I have a new life.
I lowered my cholesterol and triglycerides, got off my cholesterol medication, lowered my thyroid, and recovered quickly from having my hip replaced. My Doctor was excited! I was able to ride my beautiful horses, Rusty and Awesome Cassie, within two months after surgery. The horses are as happy as I am that I can ride them, curry them, and don’t forget love on them.
I have lost 42 lbs and had to buy new clothes. I slipped into my skinny ones from a few years ago.
I’m excited to feel so good, and it was so worth it to be slim and healthier than ever.
I had a terrible gluten intolerance before I started Protective Diet. I couldn’t have wheat or bread because my joins would flare up and ache. To swiftly lost the weight, ten pounds a month, and I didn’t exercise. I was able to enjoy wheat bread, potatoes, pasta, and eliminated my gluten allergies after only 2 months on the PD Diet. I no longer ache from arthritis, and I certainly owe all this to my new life diet. I feel like if I can do this anyone can because health naturally improves eating a Protective Diet.


  1. I am so happy to put a healthy face with your name! Congratulations!! Your best life awaits you! How exciting that you jumped all in! Keep up the great work and enjoy your horses!

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