All The Don’ts PD Has Brought Me


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Today is my 2nd PD-versary — I think. I didn’t pay much attention to the actual day because I didn’t really believe I’d ever need to reference it! I know I would not have started on my birthday, so I am going with the day after. I lost 30 pounds the first year, and maybe another 5 the second. But really, as delightful as it is to take size 6 pants into the dressing room, and find they are sometimes too loose, that was just a bonus.

What I am really celebrating is all the “don’ts” PD has brought me:
I don’t fear my colon cancer (11 years ago) will come back.
I don’t have contingency plans for having a heart attack or stroke in my retirement years.
I don’t worry about diabetes that plagued my poor mom in her 60s.
I don’t have anything to add to the conversations among my peers about being tired, the risks of statins or the pain of plantar fasciitis.
I don’t wear baggy sweats to the gym instead of cute and colorful fitted leggings.
I don’t ever feel that panicky, cupboard-ransacking NEED for a treat.
I don’t know my primary care physician at all.
I don’t have to take “the options” in my group exercise or yoga classes despite having at least 15 years on everyone in the class.
I don’t always need a recipe to create something delicious in the kitchen, and
I don’t have to run to the grocery store every time I want to cook.
I don’t have greasy stain remover products in my house.
I don’t mind running.
I don’t count points or calories or carbs or bites.
I don’t have clutter around me.
I don’t ask for help in carrying grandkids or heavy loads up the stairs.
I don’t have any “fat clothes” in my closet.
I don’t mind wearing a swimsuit.
I don’t get sunburns.
I don’t say no to spontaneous dog walks, Frisbee games, or long bike rides.
I don’t know exactly how much I weigh.

I could go on. And on. But mostly I don’t ever want to go back to my pre-PD days!
Thank you Julie Marie and PD!


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