Denise N.


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I have weighed close to a quarter ton at my heaviest and have lost 213 pounds, over half of my body weight! I know that I will keep off the weight and allow my body to heal itself from all of the abuse I put it through because I am following a Protective Diet.

A Protective Diet (PD) allows me to eat foods that will naturally help me obtain and maintain optimal health and my ideal weight. I am about 40 pounds away from my ideal weight but with the support I get from the Protective Diet Living ( Facebook group, I know that I will practice this lifestyle from here on out! It has helped me reverse GERD, sleep apnea, candida, migraines, and arthritis. I take no more prescription medications or supplements. I went from a size 8X to 12. The Protective Diet Ed classes are so much more than losing weight.

When I was at my heaviest I felt like I had no hope for a happy life. It was a miserable existence. Since losing the weight and regaining my health with the help of PD, I am full of hope for my future. I even went back to school at 40 years of age to be a nurse. It has been a lifelong dream of mine to work in the medical field and help others. Now, I have the stamina and confidence I need to pursue my dreams again! PD was created by someone who overcame obesity to help others and I want to spread the word.


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