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My whole life I’ve fought a weight problem. My highest was 243 in 2003. I’ve been on so many programs and diets. Joined gyms and bought workout videos. I could lose weight but I could not seem to stay with the program to keep it off. About four years ago I finally made it to “goal weight”. As I began the maintenance program I couldn’t seem to stay in control. It wasn’t long before I’d gained back most of what I’d worked so hard to lose. My doctor had put me on cholesterol medicine in addition to the blood pressure medicine I already took. I was obsessed with getting back in control. Every day I was going to start over. Every bad food choice was going to be the last. This pattern seemed to go on forever. I became interested in WFPB eating while watching a PBS show. That started my search. I visited lots of websites and signed up for every email lists and followed so many cool blogs. I was excited by everything I was learning but still out of control. I was lead to Protective Diet through one of those blogs. What made Protective Diet different and attractive to me was the recipes and the focus was on optimal health with weight loss a side effect. I decided this was what I was looking for and made the commitment. I upgraded to a premium membership on February 9, 2015. I was going to jump in with both feet on February 10 but I had a false start so February 11 became Day 1. I now have completed month four and I’m going strong. Taking it one day at a time! I’ve lost over 40 lbs. Reduced my blood pressure medicine and eliminated the need for cholesterol medicine completely. I love all the great recipes I’ve tried. The PD-Ed lessons are such a great resource. And the support from Protective Diet Living is amazing! The first 30 days was challenging at times and I haven’t been perfect but I feel like I’ve found a lifestyle that is going to work for me and break that awful dieting cycle! I’m not hungry. I get to eat so many wonderful foods without worrying or feeling deprived. It almost feels like cheating sometimes. I feel great and I’m only a few pounds from my previous “goal weight”. I’m excited to see what my optimal healthy weight will be without worrying about maintenance.


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