February will be four years on Protective Diet!


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When I was 379 pounds, I never even considered exercising let alone buying a propelled kayak. But my kayak is on layaway and I am so excited for spring 2019 to get out on our beautiful lakes in North Idaho. I’ll be paddling and rowing, taking in the scenery from a whole different perspective.

Another thing I would have never ever dreamed of is having only 37 pounds to go to be in the 100s again!

I began the day fasting and feasting two weeks after Julie talked about it in one of her classes. I have to tell you, this is right up my alley. I used to be the type that didn’t want to eat breakfast or lunch. But when I started eating I could not stop. Now, I eat a couple hours before bed and eat till I am totally satisfied! What a godsend this was to me. It has freed up my time and it is healing my body from the inside out with all the remarkable things that take place while fasting. Check out the three lessons Julie has created and see if this is for you. Please make sure you are a well established PD’er first. You want to enjoy the process along the way before jumping in.

You can read my other testimonies up on the website. This list the remarkable health benefits that have happened to me while on the protective diet. I have been healed!

Thank you so much, Julie and Jerry, for creating PD, keeping it lively, informative, enjoyable, and delicious! I love all of your recipes! The lifestyle just as much as the food recipes.

Dorothy Blevens


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