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I always knew it was in the food, but could never quite hit the winning combination until September 2015. After visiting a Vegan MD and having him review my food journal he immediately told me to loose the fats, nuts and convenience Vegan foods. Then I met Angela at a buffet at Lake Tahoe and she over heard me comment to my husband that I was sure there was nothing to eat on the buffet. She came right up to me and showed me the PD compliant foods. After dinner she came to my table and gave me a brief description of the PD way of eating and told me how supportive the community was and all the support they had to offer. I signed up 2 weeks later and have since shed about 30 lbs. I am off all my meds which included diabetes and high blood pressure medications. I feel so much better and am so thankful for all the support this site has to offer. My husband loves cooking Julie’s new dishes and I enjoy giving my old clothes away.

Sure you can wait another day or week to join but why would you. Eat yourself healthy starting today!


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