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My mother’s cancer diagnosis was a real turning point in my life. I guess like most younger folks, up until then, I thought I was invincible. But after watching my mom’s struggle, I knew I had to change, I knew I was not healthy. My research brought me to a plant-based diet. I read every book I could get my hands on and tried out dozens of cookbooks. I spent a fortune trying to find food and recipes that would satisfy me. None of the recipes I tried excited me. They seemed to lack flavor and didn’t remind me at all of the foods I had eaten prior to changing my diet. Then one wonderful day in 2015 I heard an interview with Julie Marie Christensen, the founder of Protective Diet. She described a recipe for pot roast and I had to check it out. When I went to the Protective Diet site online, the first thing that struck me was the wonderful photos of food, everything looked amazing! That week I made the free recipes, Roast-less Pot Roast and Cheezy Scalloped Potatoes (I’m a real fan of potatoes). The flavors were amazing! Finally, I could have it all, health and incredible food! In July of 2015, I became a premium member and I have never looked back. Most people who know me now don’t even recall me at my heaviest, over 220 pounds. I myself will never forget it and I know now that I have the tools that will allow me to never go back there. I am so grateful and fortunate to have found the Protective Diet. My headaches are gone, I am 80 pounds lighter, my skin is completely clear, and I am no longer dependent on antacids and pain pills. Most people even think I am years younger than I actually am! In recent months, I have been day fasting. When Julie first brought up the idea, I imagined there was no way I could ever skip a meal. As it turns out, it’s been one of the most liberating things ever! I have finally ended my emotional dependence on food, and I have so much more time and energy. Thanks to my PD education, I know the science behind fasting and eating a plant-based diet. If you are considering joining PD, do it! You will never regret caring for yourself. You will help the planet, save animals, save money, enjoy amazing food and reach a level of optimal health all while eating nachos, brownies, potato salad, tacos, and pasta


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