I have never felt better!

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When I came to Protective Diet three years ago I wasn’t very far from being 400 pounds at 379 lbs. I was wearing a 5X top and a 4X pant. I was taking two different meds for diabetes, I had high blood pressure, high cholesterol, GERD, uncontrolled asthma, allergies, and thyroid issues.

I had been praying with my small home group that God would finally change my heart in regards to food because I couldn’t do it myself. Over the years I had done weight watchers, cabbage diet, the blood type diet, exercised, diet pills, water shots,and even assaulted my body by taking HCG injections. (If anybody ever wants to talk to me about HCG I’ll let them know how I almost died after 6 rounds.) I did lose 100 pounds but immediately gained it back plus when I stopped because my body was failing.

I had no place else to go and had lost all hope of ever being able to stop eating the junk food and losing weight. That’s when God answered my prayers and introduced me to Julie and Protective Diet.

I remember going through detox saying to myself, “This is really easy”. While my taste buds hadn’t changed yet, the food was still good enough to prevent me from eating off plan foods. At the end of my first 30 days I’d lost 40 pounds. I knew this was my forever and I was never looking back.

Thanks to Julie’s method of teaching us, I learned new things about my own body. I learned about the addictions that the SAD standard American diet, presents and the costs to your health eating this way. Julie taught me what nutritious food really was and why and how it would help my body. She has never failed me. She has been right every single step of the way.

One of the first things I had to do fairly quickly was buy new underwear. I couldn’t believe how big they’d gotten. They were no longer comfortable and they creeped into awkward positions.

I began to marvel at the way I started feeling. I don’t remember any one rush of energy or change, I just became.

Instead of sitting in the chair contemplating an idea for hours or days, I would find myself getting up and actually doing the things I was thinking about. Such as washing the dishes, walking the dogs, or going shopping. I like to say my newfound energy was like a soft white light. There were no quick starts or rapid decline. There were no bursts of energy. It was a steady willingness and want to do things. My body agreed with this and did them.

When you see the before pictures you can imagine why I did not feel like a pretty person. My self confidence was extremely low and myself worth was also very low. As my body began to change a new self-awareness begin to emerge. I would even catch a twinkle in my own eye. I became more spontaneous in action and verbally. It felt like I was allowed to have fun.

After three years I can now look down at my side and see the front and the back of my body at the same time. I had not been able to do that for 25 years. I was much to round. I can scrub my own back effortlessly because I can now reach it.

I no longer have diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, any form of acid reflux, asthma, unless I’m around smoke or chemicals. I do still have an under active thyroid but I’m no longer fatigued because of it.

Because of Julie, Jerry, and even Lucky, Protective Diet has given me a life. I can’t say it’s given me my life back, because I’ve never felt the way I feel now!

I encourage you to jump in and start doing this in earnest at 100%. You will quickly see results, but more importantly what’s happening on the inside of your body as it’s being healed is nothing short of a miracle. Why would we ever want to jeopardize that? I know I don’t. I am #100%PD4life!


  1. Dorothy, I just re-read this, and am so overwhelmed once again with your success! You have been an inspiration to me almost from the beginning of my PD journey (in August of 2014), and you are still inspiring all of us today.Looking at how beautiful you are now, both inside and out, it’s hard to imagine your struggles, but you have overcome them and then some!! I’m so happy to know you and that we’re both part of this PD family.

  2. I just love your new look!! The weight did come off oh my in fact you look so petite but the insides the sickness.. It is a new life and great job!!! you should be so proud of yourself.. I am very proud of you!!!

  3. Thank you for sharing you story! I’ve enjoyed watching you along your journey. You have inspired many with your encouragement and dedication.
    Taking it one step at a time, enjoying the food you eat and continuing to move forward are things that work. These things make changing habits a lifestyle instead of a one time weight-loss plan.
    You have proven that it’s not about weightloss but the person you become (inside and out) along the way.
    Welcome to the PD life-er club!

  4. Dorothy!!! Wow, what a wonderful testimonial. You have inspired me from Day 1 ( 2.5 years ago). You were always there with an encouraging word and a suggestion or thought to share. I, in turn, have paid it forward and tried to be that guide for newer members. It continues to be a pleasure to see your progress and happiness in your newfound health! Congrats!

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