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I just realized I forgot to post Mike and my progress from our first 30 days back on PD. Mike is down 15 lbs, I am down 13 lbs. Mike’s BP is back in the normal range, he is off Nexium for heartburn/reflux. He is having normal BM’s 2-3x a day. He has more energy and doesn’t take many naps anymore. He says his stomach feels so much better. His doctor told him to not take his BP medicine and Diabetes medicine since now he is in normal range. (He never took his medicine that he was prescribed because we wanted to try PD first). We are feeling so much better. I can[‘t wait to make a cheesecake. It is so nice to not be controlled by cravings and craziness. I don’t hardly think about food anymore compared to before. I can sit and watch someone eat stuff I used to and feel no desire for it. Cheese was like crack to me…no more. It looks like greasy yuk now to me. Thanks Julie and Jerry for making this sustainable.


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