It’s all a matter of perspective


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Lately I have really been wanting to move my body more than just walking the dogs. I started thinking about returning to Curves.

Nine years ago I had joined Curves and for about five months was able to go and exercise. When I went in for my first consultation I was given a BMI calculator to hold. I was so ashamed when it would not register because I was so overweight.

It was extremely difficult because I was so heavy at 379 pounds. I had a very hard time getting onto some of the equipment. At the apparatus were you do stretches, I could not grab the pole behind my back because I was too large. For all my sweat and effort I only lost 36 pounds. I became discouraged and I quit going.

Advance to now having been on Protective Diet for 3 1/2 years and losing 140 pounds so far, I was astounded today! According to all my measurements, I am a size 18. I had been a tight size 5X. Now I know to some people size 18 is the weight they are at when they first arrive at PD. They are depressed with low self-esteem, week and unable to walk or stand for very long. But I have to tell you it’s all perspective. I’m ecstatic! I feel full of life and vigor!

At Curves today I made my two rounds using all the equipment. My heart rate came up to the right zone and when I got onto the stretching apparatus I was able to do every single stretch easily reaching the bar behind my back. Looking in the mirror when I was finished, my cheeks had a nice light blush. I remember nine years ago my face was frighteningly red. And it took about 30-45 minutes before my appearance was normal again.

Thanks to PD, today I was easily able to take #SweetAction. I was smiling and giving myself high-fives all the way home from my workout.


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