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March 1, 2015, about 9 am. That moment is sealed in my memory. I ran into my esteemed co-worker Robinlee Garber in the hallway for the first time in months. My jaw dropped. I couldn’t believe how she looked! It wasn’t just that she clearly lost a significant amount of weight, but her skin glowed and she was simply the embodiment of health! She spent a few minutes gently educating me about the Protective Diet. I liked the way she presented it to me. She wasn’t proselytizing; just informing me of her new way of living… which was clearly working for her! I walked away and went straight to my desk repeating “The Protective Diet” over and over under my breath so I could look it up as soon as I got to my desk. I wanted what she had. My health was deteriorating. I weighed more in March than ever before. In fact, the “then” picture” is not at my top weight, because I stopped allowing my picture to be taken. I didn’t feel well. As a newlywed, my new lifestyle included eating out several times a week. I packed on the pounds quickly, and I was tired all the time.

I looked over the PD website, and decided I could try anything for 30 days! Although a vegetarian for decades, I always knew in my heart of hearts veganism was the way to go. That part was easy. I was more worried about all the cooking! I’ve never been much of a cook. But, I was committed to 30 days! Robinlee was a wonderful help during my first 30 days. She offered to come over and help me detox my kitchen. Since my family members are SAD consumers, I had to resist temptations right in front of me. I just kept reminding myself that “I want what SHE has!” Since then, my friendship with Robinlee has grown deeper and I love our time together. What a dear, precious person she is. Thank you, my darling Robinlee.

As I got to know the wonderful people on the PD support pages, I knew I had all of the company I needed to make this work for me. I loved the food. I reached out with questions online, and they were cheerfully and lovingly answered by all of you. Thank you, my dear friends. You mean the world to me. As I got to know all of you, my mantra became “I want what THEY have!”

And then there’s Julie Marie. It’s as if she knows every fear, every insecurity, every struggle in my heart and mind, and she reaches right through the screen and gives me exactly what I need. Every. Single. Time. Not only is she the creative and scientific genius behind a lifestyle which has been responsible for saving countless lives, but she has a giant heart of gold, and cares right down to her beautiful soul about each and every one of us. She motivates and inspires me every day, and brings me more joy than she will ever know. I love you, Julie Marie. What an amazing gift to the world you are!

So, here I am 6 months later, 4 dress sizes smaller, 21 BMI, 125/70 blood pressure, 62 heart rate, feeling amazing, young (quite a feat at 57!) and loving life!! This chick who once rarely cooked anything outside of pasta now has a Blendtec which reads that I have used it 220 times! I assure you, that’s 10 times more than I have used a blender in the 56 ½ years prior!! I love PD food, I love cooking, I love my life, and I most certainly love Robinlee, Julie Marie, Jerry, and all of the amazing people I have met along my PD path to health and happiness.


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