Plant-Based Nutritional Intervention Results


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When I started practicing a Protective Diet I quit the gym due to lack of time. The weight fell off and I could eat all the starches I adored. Sometimes I pinch myself to see if this is a dream. I’m not in the gym, I’m not counting calories and I eat until I’m full and satisfied. Soon enough my obsession with food subsided. My food addictions and constant cravings were eliminated. When I knew I could eat potatoes, rice, pasta, fresh corn tortillas, whole grain bread, and fruit every day for the rest of my life, it caused me to consume less. I knew then I could look forward to eating my next meal with great satisfaction, in good health and never go to bed hungry for the rest of my sweet healthy life! I eliminated chronic pain, depression, disease, excess body fat and the struggle of maintenance with a PD.


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