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Eight months into my PD journey and today I hit the 30 lbs gone mark! I never imagined I would see the 150’s again (haven’t been this weight since high school). I started my WFPB journey on Jan 1st but was floundering with knowing what to cook and struggling to find compliant recipes that I liked. I found PD and enrolled on Feb 25th. Protective Diet provided me with all the tools I needed to be successful. I continually marvel how easy it has become to eat this way. PD is no longer a “diet” for me but a way of life. New goals are set and work continuing until I find that sweet spot for my body (somewhere between 5-10 lbs I think). Side note: My weight has fallen off in clumps with periods of plateauing which previously would have derailed my commitment. The great PD recipes are filling and easy to make thus making it easy to keep on track! Love how good I feel.


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