Results are typical on a Protective Diet


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I have lost over 12in around my waist, moved my belt over 7 loops and clothes I never thought I’d ever wear again are too big. I thought I was a good cook but now I am an expert. When I’m tired from work and the last thing I want to do is cook, I feel energized once I begin chopping vegetables. My grocery bills have dropped about $40 per week. Protective Diet is environmentally amazing: no palm oil, much less packaging than processed prepared foods, and cruelty-free. I am so happy to be able to consume as much clean, diverse, energizing, and delicious food until I feel full and satisfied. PD is the next evolution in my vegan plant-based journey. I make the live PD-ED class every week a priority in my life. The live classes are informative and fun. The PDL support group is the best therapy I’ve ever had. Many people have been commenting on how great I look and this year will be the 1st time in my life I have a 2 piece swimsuit. Thank you Julie, you are love and light!


  1. Your journey is so impressive! Not sure what is more shocking — 12″ lost around your waist or $40 a week grocery bill! I can see that would happen once the pantry is organized and stocked and cooking a joyful habit. Thanks for the encouraging write-up and photos.

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