First 30 Days

I started PD July 21st. Reporting my 30 days results a tad early because I have family coming tomorrow for a week vacation and I will be away from the scale…

July 21st weighed 362.2 lbs
Aug 17th weigh 340.8 lbs
Weight lost 21.4 lbs

Thank you to Julie, Jerry and each of you who have supported me during my transition into PD. Overall, I have felt satisfied, not hungry, and content. I am sleeping sounder and waking up refreshed. It feels great to be back in the kitchen instead of doing the drive thru circuit. During this time, I have exercised in the form of chores and reorganizing my household. I did go for an 8 mile walk last weekend that felt amazing. I must admit, I have to pull up my sagging pants throughout the day. Lol.

Such a great day!


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