PD Success on month 3!

PD Success on month 3!Pin

  • PD Success on month 3!PinPin
So, I’m happy to report that I lost 6.5 pounds during the winter holidays for a total of 28 pounds since October 5, 2015! It was rough some days but I never really fell off my horse. Just slipped in the saddle a few times.

The best thing for month three is I HAD to purchase a smaller size pair of jeans cause my others were falling down all the time. I, as many larger size peeps tend to do, buy clothes without trying them on first. I wait for the privacy of my own home and mirror to view my reflection and see if the clothing I purchased is tolerable. I did the same for some winter apparel but was delighted when the shirts were too big! I think I danced all the way back to the store to exchange for a smaller size!

Lessons learned during month three is that I can do this lifestyle and I can make it work out in the real world of restaurants and holiday goodies. Most sit down places are very accommodating. As Protective Diet promises, I didn’t have cravings for sweets however I still continued to play my internal mind games. I don’t know if that will ever go away but I’m better at dealing with it. Oh, and keeping it simple is a priority in my lessons learned book. If I don’t prep or have an easy meal to make then the mind games start.

Things or should I say THE THING I will be concentrating on during month 4 will be 50/50 eating. That is where you make 50% of your meal veggies and 50% starches for two meals out of the day. I’ve been practicing all of last week but this month it’s going to be intentional.

Thanks for letting me share a little of my life successes with you!


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