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Well, you found your way to my testimony. Good for you. Here’s my true story:

I’ve been doing PD for two years now, and it has been working wonderfully for me ever since. It’s greatly reduced my Ulcerative Colitis and Rheumatoid Arthritis symptoms, I sleep better, my skin looks great, and I have been able to maintain my weight loss without ever having to get on the scale.

The food is delicious and the recipes are easy to make. As I still watch many of my friends and family members struggle with portion control, hunger, cravings, anticipating “cheat days,” and then experiencing mood swings from being up or down a pound or two (scale hopping is not a sport in which I do partake, incidentally) I experience total freedom from all of that old drama. I was a junk food vegan for many years, feeling that I was doing all that I could for my health, the animals, and the planet, but I also felt miserable eating processed fake meats, nuts, oils, avocados, dried fruits, and s0-called healthy sugars like agave and maple syrup. Protective Diet has been my lifesaver in so many ways, and I feel that I am following the most optimal way of eating because everything that Julie (and Jerry!) has promised regarding my total health has come true for me.

I urge anyone struggling to give Protective Diet a chance. Follow the food plan 100% for 30 days to see and feel the difference. Clean out your pantry and start preparing the meals that look exciting to you. Join PD ED and watch (at least) the first 11 videos in the archives to get started. Even if you don’t do FB, join the closed FB group and tap into the wonderful community that is there and is ever at hand to support you. Check out the live chats and live talks on Tuesday nights. Stop exercising like a hamster on a wheel, starving yourself, scale hopping, and considering unsustainable and extreme diets. The money that you are spending on processed foods, health bars, miracle drinks, protein powders, supplements, and medications will be saved and you can use it for so many other things, such as a high-speed blender, yogurt maker, or a tofu press.

Lastly, as Julie says, weight loss is a proven side effect of eating a protective diet. I eat so much food, and it’s incredibly delicious and healthy. I have no idea what I weigh at the moment, but I have gone from (tight) sizes 16-18 to about (loose) sizes (4-6), and I’m 5’9.” The weight come off in “clumps” as we say in the program, so even if you don’t lose any pounds for a few days or even weeks, one day you will wake up and literally your pants will be huge. I am not even kidding- I was almost late for work one morning because I had to find my old “skinny” clothing that I had packed away in a storage bin.

If you’re reading this and wondering if you can do PD, I will say that if I can do it, anyone can. I thought I knew everything about nutrition, and I have had free access to all kinds of “experts” in my workplace, family and friends all of my life. They still can’t believe the way I look and how my health has improved. When I stopped following the popular culture ads (Drink coconut water! Kombucha is good for your gut! Avocados and coconut oil are healthy fats! Soy is bad!) and stuck with the fact-based info that can be learned in PD ED, everything finally changed for me. You are not a caveman (or woman for that matter). What you eat should not be dictated by points or skimpy portion exchanges. Medications are expensive and have side effects. Prepared box meals are full of additives that leave you craving and most likely are damaging to your health because of all the salt, oil, and sugars that are used.

So give Protective Diet 30 days. As Yoda would advise, don’t try:do! And as Julie Marie would say, “Best of health to you,” but I would also like to add: peace, love, and 2 cups of steamed brown rice at every meal. Cheers, Robinlee


  1. Dear Robinlee, thank you for your testimony. I suffer Rheumatoid Arthritis and Im thinking about this diet. All my life I used to eat meal, but now Im trying to eat more vegetables with a juice diet. I have a question, do you still take pills for arthritis? how have been your recovery with this diet? (specially about arthritis).

    Thank you! I don’t speak english, please forget me for my orthographic mistakes if I did it.

  2. Beautiful testimony, my friend! Folks, I am here because of Robinlee. She is a walking testament to the Protective Diet, and I am so grateful for that. Her health benefits were immediately apparent, and I wanted what she had! I’ve been PD for 19 months now and I’ve never felt better! Every word of Robinlee’s testimony is spot on!

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