Plant-Based Nutritional Intervention Results are typical on a Protective Diet CJ’s Testimonial


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I’ve been a member of PDL for over a year and I really enjoy reading your posts and the wonderful photos. I started eating a protective diet (straight from a standard american diet) on February 22, 2014 after my friend Karla Freeze told me about it. I’m happy and excited to share that I’ve totally eliminated my chronic UTIs, acid reflux, plantar fasciitis and 90% of my joint pain. I sleep much better and have A LOT more energy! And have lost 70 lbs!! Before PD I couldn’t walk through the grocery store without pain or having to rest, much less standing and cooking!! I’m really enjoying this lifestyle and I wanted to share my success. For those of you that have doubts, just jump right in!! You’ll not regret it!!! I didn’t take a before photo because I was miserable with lots of doubts but this picture is one from a few years ago where I weighed about 250 (30 lbs more than when I started PD.) I now weigh 150. Thank you Karla for introducing me to PD. Thank you all for your inspiration! Thank you, Julie and Jerry, for helping me to get my life back!


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