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Ok guys… I’m not big on posting selfies (in fact I never do, I’m new back to Facebook. I rejoined just to be a part of this group after not being on social media for 10 years)… but since this group is private and I love all of you. You’ve been so encouraging. You’ve kept me going in this and I am finally healing the mind, body, food, connection with PD for the first time in my life. I wanted to share my progress… this is in NO WAY my before/after, as I still have quite a bit left to lose. I’m at almost 14 weeks. I started April 25th being 100% PD, and started day fasting around week 4 of that. I’m at 43.5 lbs lost. I haven’t measured my inches. Which I should, because sometimes the scale isn’t moving like I think it should, but I’m getting smaller. I started the summer outfitting comfortably in a 16/18… had to go buy some new shorts today to get me through August. And I bought a size 10!!! Something about buying a smaller size just brings it all home to you and makes it all so much more a reality. Thank you, Julie Marie Christensen, I consider you one of my life coaches. And thank you PD community for being among the elite who are willing to live within healthy boundaries and accomplish great things!!!🙌🏻👏🏻🥳🥰


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