Tece’s Protective Diet Journey


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On November 29th, 2015, I was led to the Protective Diet website by a testimonial that I saw on another whole foods plant based group on facebook. (Thank you, guardian angel, Judi Bryan!) I had already embraced the WFPBNO lifestyle several years previously, but I had been plagued by recent weight gain and not feeling as well as I wanted. I had become a little lax about things like sugar consumption and an occasional beer with Mexican meals. I had a sometimes twice a day Starbucks soy chai latte habit…Venti size!! (That means sugar in the syrup and in the soy milk, plus carrageenan). I was also making too many desserts with sugar. It was time for a change.

I had some lingering health issues from past gallbladder surgery. I also had undiagnosed digestive issues that took me to the ER several times ( eventually this was found to be a hiatal hernia). Several years back I had started having severe anxiety on and off and had a couple bad panic attacks, which were very disconcerting for someone who had never experienced them previously. It made me feel out of control.

So, that very day, I joined as a PD premier member and jumped in with both feet. I rarely miss a chat or class. I filled my spice shelf, pantry, fridge and freezer with PD ingredients. I dropped nuts, avocados, sugar and additives. I joined Protective Diet Living on facebook too. I love the support and sharing there.

So, it is now my 9 month “PDversary”. I have so much energy! Friends cannot believe the cooking I do, but the food fuels my energy level. I need less sleep. I do not have ANY cravings. This continues to amaze me. Nine months without sugar!!! I lost 8 pounds in the first month. I am up to a total of 28 pounds lost, but that doesn’t begin to describe how I look in my clothes. There is some magic that happens on PD about the way your body changes. The scale is not a good judge. BCS (Baggy Clothes Syndrome) is awesome!

I have noticed other changes too. I do not have digestive issues any more. My gums don’t bleed when I brush my teeth. I no longer get heartburn. I do not have any anxiety! My husband is also on PD with me and has lost 25 pounds and has gotten off several medications. It is so good to have a partner in this way of life. We are both hoping to prevent illnesses that plague(d)our parents. ( My mom had diabetes, had a leg amputated and had heart disease. In fact, she passed away in the hospital on the night before her second bypass surgery.)

I have been on many diets in my life and have yo­yo’d a lot ( between babies and later too). I reached my “goal” weight many times only to tire of the deprivation, point counting, and boredom and regain all the weight I had lost. One of the best things about eating the PD way is the flavors and variety of the recipes I can eat while not having to count calories or points. The foods is satisfying and health promoting. I am so grateful for Julie and Jerry and for finding a Protective Diet!

The photo on the left was taken September 2015. The one on the right is from July this 2018. I began PD 100% on 11/29/15.


  1. So happy to hear the struggle for health is no more and that the Protective Diet has given you the skills and knowledge to end cravings and weight fluctuations forever.There is not better feeling! Thank you for always being willing to share your knowledge and support.

  2. You are inspiring, Tece. Your resolve and your commitment to your health and well being is inspirational to me and the PD Community. Thank you for sharing Protective Diet with me resulting in my joining Protective Diet and starting my own journey which will hopefully inspire my family to join me in this healthy life style and way of eating.

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