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Wow! I never thought I’d make it this far! I’ve tried every diet out there since 1999 when I quit smoking and gained 25 pounds. I would lose a few pounds and then get so hungry I’d eat anything and gain it right back. I had been on statins for high cholesterol until I followed ETL for a couple of months and I went off them. I saw an improvement but I wasn’t able to sustain that diet because I always felt deprived and hungry. Then I tried McDougall and it was better but still not satisfying. I had been suffering with acute acid reflux…..keeping me up at night and very painful and my BP was high. I knew I had to do something and by this time I knew it was the food keeping me on meds. I was surfing the web one night and came across PD. I read all I could, decided to try it….joined and dove in the next morning. I committed to the thirty day detox and I haven’t looked back! Within days my BP was lower than it had been for years and I went off the pills. Now it’s 112/65 or lower all the time. I’ve dropped twenty pounds! My acid reflux has gone. Arthritis in my knees has disappeared. I have tons of energy and I’m sleeping like a log. I’m so thankful to Julie and Jerry and all the supportive people on PDL! The food is so great tasting and filling and I love the lessons and videos. Thank you. It’s PD for me all the way. I’ve never felt better.


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