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Thank You!

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    As I prepared my breakfast and thought through the upcoming week I was struck by how much has changed since I joined PD 9 months and 3 days ago.
    On my counter there are jars filled with baked crackers, cereals, ready-to-go-mixes, toasted grains, ferments and sprouts.
    My fridge holds quarts of thick soy yogurt, brewed flower waters and teas, an herb box, and a variety of ferments and delicious condiments. And, of course, a variety of fresh produce, cooked beans and rice, and fresh & frozen tofu.
    My pantry is stocked with everything I need to prepare delicious meals whether I want to get fancy or need to put something on the table in twenty minutes.
    I’ve tried SO many recipes and there seem to be a million more I haven’t gotten to; there will be a new one tonight.
    Whether I’m in a market or my kitchen I can ask a question on the Protective Diet Living page in Facebook and be assured someone will answer quickly.
    I have friends I pray for daily that I’ve never actually met. And treats to make for my grandkids I couldn’t have imagined a year ago.
    Counting my blessings and want you to know YOU are among them!
    Thank YOU!

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