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Thirty days ago today I had an appointment with my primary care physician. During this visit I told her I wanted to get off so many meds. Why am I taking an ulcer med when I’ve never been tested for an ulcer? Also taking heartburn med. Blood pressure, cholesterol and depression, incontinence, bladder control. OTC taking stool softener, allergy and take p.m. pills to sleep. Told her my insurance changed and I can’t continue to pay $70 plus a month. Her response was, “Now that you can’t afford meds, you want to lose weight?” Long story short, doctor said see you in six months or thirty pounds. That’s when I decided to contact my cousin Karla Freeze to tell her I’m ready to commit to PDL.
Admittedly it has been a rough 30 days. I have not been 100% PDL. however in the 30 days I have lost 10 pounds, stopped taking stool softener, no longer have a pain in my side and no heartburn!
I’ve always loved cooking and coming up with new recipes. I now sit at work thinking, what will I concoct tonight? And wishing I had someone to do dishes.
Looking forward to the next 30 days, will go premium membership and suffer through BCS!!!


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