Thoughts for Newbies to PD, Day Fasting & Being Blessed~


Dianna Heckman
May 25 at 6:32 PM

So, I have been VERY Consistent with my Day Fasting Practice since January 7th of this year. (I have been eating PD for over 4 years and day fasting for over a year.) Even before this lock down my body had begun to change, but not real noticeably for most folks. So, yesterday we had “Parking Lot Church”. I am the Children’s Director So most folks have been seeing my “face” as we stream live each week when I do the children’s lesson. And remarked that they noticed my face getting thinner as the weeks went by. But most had not “seen me” in over 2 months. As I am walking up and our worship team is practicing outside, someone hollers, “Wow, you just keep getting younger and younger looking!” Now, I don’t know about you all, but when you have raised & home-schooled 5 children and they are all adults now, (My youngest is 20), when someone inserts that “Younger looking” phrase in there, you pay attention! 🙂 Many folks commented and texted me about “looking so thin”, but the compliment that I hold in my heart is the “Younger looking”, and I KNOW that Day Fasting eating a Protective Diet IS the key to this! I mean, Look at Julie Marie! 🙂 So, those of you thinking about Day Fasting. I, personally feel that Not only is my Immune system at top notch with so many folks concerned about a virus. (I am not). I also have energy, have No issues with cravings…. EVER, I feel TOTALLY “In control”. (which I went out with girlfriends on Saturday and took my PD ranch dressing with me and enjoyed steamed broccoli & baked potato while they had their sad meal, and they remarked how impressed they were with my convictions to eat healthy.) I want all of you new folks to know….. I NEVER feel deprived! I feel “Blessed” to give my body the absolute BEST I can, each time I have an eating opportunity~ And Living like this….. being a “Light” for others in how we eat, I see it as an Honor and Opportunity for them to get a totally different perspective of food~ I hope you don’t mind some thoughts I just wanted to share~ Have a Lovely Day!

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