Two Wonderful Months


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Two Wonderful Months I have been Blessed to Eat Fabulous Protective Diet Meals! I have lost 21 pounds and gained a whole new perspective on food, eating, and Nourishing my body! This last month has been filled with a variety of experiences and learning.

The new experience of BCS (baggy clothes syndrome) has been fun, and I am intentionally getting rid of “too big” clothes as I grow out of them. I am NOT keeping them around, for I am NEVER going back to them!

Another new experience has been taking my amazing Protective Diet food with me to all eating events. This is such a matter of “Perspective”, as I view every event as an opportunity to eat well and “nourish” my body, and not put unhealthy food that actually causes damage to my body, in it. I actually look at those that I am eating around, and feel sorry for them as I watch them indulge, and then complain later about the things that they just consumed and how awful it makes them feel. I went to a Kids Camp this month, and took all of my PD food. You know, folks could really care less about what you are eating, they are so absorbed with their own eating. So I quickly learned that there was nothing for me to be self conscious about. I learned that taking my own food to events, really isn’t a big deal at all! In fact, some, privately were curious and encouraged to eat better themselves. And the best part of all, was hearing my teenage daughter who was a camp counselor with me, tell me how proud she was of me, that I was sticking to eating healthy. That was the Best! 🙂

Another “new” for me was being excited about the “taste” of eating REAL FOOD! And not being in bondage to cravings or sugar any longer! This was HUGE for me! Food has had such a hold over me for many years throughout my life. And to not have this bondage, for me, is Real “Freedom”~ And I LOVE living in this way~

Then the next new experience was ENERGY! Wow! When I keep going… and the children are telling “me” that they are tired, I think that is a testament. But, one real proof to me, was I had to clean out a room at our church that I had been putting off for 2 years… it was “time”. I thought it would take me about 3 hours to get cleaned out…. but I wound up starting at 9:15 A.M. and Ending at 8:30 P.M.! My 20 year old son was helping me, and “he” was ready to quite many times…. I just kept telling him, no, we are almost done…. and by 8:30 that evening…. we actually were finished…. “He” was exhausted, “I”felt like the EverReady bunny and could have kept going. AND, I had no repercussions the next day. Whereas my son, said that he was sore and tired. “Thank You” PD!

Keep Your “Calendar of Achievement” folks! As, there is MUCH going on, and many changes that you are experiencing. With all of the “new” that you are experiencing, it is hard to keep up with all of the “change”… so your Calendar of Achievements is an ongoing reminder of where, exactly, you have come from~

I am continuing to go forward! And I am excited to see where I go!


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