Wow! 30 Days Completed on PD


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Wow! 30 Days Completed on PD, and What an Amazing Journey this is! SO Many Changes and New first experiences in 30 Days! As I look at my “Calendar of Achievements” for the last month, some of my new experiences include: being back into the 100’s! I started at 211.0 pounds, and at 30 days 100% PD, I am now 198.6 pounds = 12.4 pounds of unhealthiness GONE! FOREVER! A HUGE New experience is NO FOOD CRAVINGS! This is HUGE! To, not have my mind constantly on food, is SO “FREEING”! What a Bondage Food cravings are! It is SO nice not to have food dictate my every move throughout the day. And my thoughts are FREE to be on things that are promoting my life forward! (I am going back to college & finishing my degree!) I also have had to pack my food for an out of town experience, which went Wonderful! (Thanks to Julie’s Amazing Chef Skills she shares with us!) I went to a Kids Camp, took All of my PD Food, had No desire to eat their home-cooked meals, as I had my own Wonderful, filling and Very Nutritious food! What a Great Feeling it was to stick to a way of “Living”, that I Truly Believe in~ And How Satisfying to complete each day, knowing that I am truly Nourishing my body. No “guilt” feelings from eating SAD, no remorse, and no regrets. Again, this way of Life brings the Freedom with Food, that I have Always wanted to live in~ And My newest experience…. BCS (baggy clothes syndrome)…. and what a GREAT experience this is! Not to have “too tight” clothes, but to have too loose clothes! 😀 I am enjoying completing each step on my Optimal Health Drive, Protective Diet Journey, and now I am on to Learn and become efficient in 50/50 Balanced Plate Practice~ Oh, and what keeps my Mommy Heart Happy on this journey.. is hearing my teen children say; “I’m SO Proud of You, Mom”~ Yep, THAT is Amazing to hear! And they have said it a LOT in these last 30 Days! This makes me Proud to have them watch me make Positive changes for my life, and have them practice eating this way with me~ We are Always “Teaching”


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