The Protective Diet

A diet rich in whole plant foods, free of all animal products, saturated fats, oils, nuts, avocado, concentrated sugars, artificial sweeteners and food additives is the most protective diet we can consume. I teach and practice the application of this diet to reverse and eliminate the risk and fear of disease. Following this plan, along with reducing stress in our life, we can protect ourselves from disease, reverse disease, eliminate obesity, balance our mood, increase our energy level and lift our spirit. I call it a Protective Diet because of the protection we are creating inside our bodies along with protection for animals and our planet.

The Protective Diet was developed over a decade of studying nutritional research, formal education, practical studies and testing along with countless development hours in the Protective Diet Test Kitchen to perfect food satisfaction. The driving force was to create a way to reverse my own personal struggle with disease and obesity that was sustainable, affordable and enjoyable. If you would like to learn more about my successful journey to optimal health, click on Julie Marie in the FAQ menu.

We have a lining of cells that are called the Endothelium. They form a single cell deep protective wall that runs for miles throughout all blood and lymph vessels in our body. Disease begins with dysfunction in these cells. We can eliminate the risk of disease and reverse disease by promoting these cells and their ability to protect us. The best way to do this is to adopt a Protective Diet, eliminate stress and don’t smoke or expose yourself to second hand smoke. Consuming a diet of whole plant based foods rich in greens and whole grains will super powerhouse your endothelial cells.

This plan will boost your immune system and keep you well when others around you are ill. It will make you heart attack proof, as said and proven by my mentor Dr. Esselstyn. No matter what you’ve been told about hereditary disease such as heart disease, diabetes, auto immune disease or obesity, do not give in and give up. You can change your health path and you are in control of your wellness. You can prevent and reverse disease with Nutritional Intervention and the daily application of a Protective Diet. If you choose to take the path of illness and disease, it is your choice not your destiny.

Protective Diet delivers the message from dedicated doctors and scientists who bring us the science behind this diet plan and lifestyle. They have proven it time and time again to be effective against disease and to easily and naturally eliminate obesity. Protective Diet Education guides you through the day-to-day application to make this diet and lifestyle easy and effective. I will show you how to simplify pantry stocking and cut your food cost in half. The lessons will excite you about cooking meals that serve your health. I will guide you through kitchen set-up for maximum efficiency and support you though the transition. I’m thrilled to have the information to base my recipes and guidance from Dr. Colin Campbell, Dr. Esselstyn and Dr. McDougall’s decades of practice and research in the prevention and reversal of disease.

I have taken it a step further, incorporating what science and my practical studies have proven to eliminate food addiction, cravings and develop a healthy relationship with food. This eating and lifestyle plan is so simple yet extremely effective it is criminal that it is not the practice of everyday medicine. I’m excited to educate and help all those who are ready to stop taking a diagnosis as their destiny. Protective Diet has a global reach to educate the world to take charge of their health path with Nutritional Intervention and the daily application of this diet and lifestyle. We have the ability to eliminate heart disease, inflammatory diseases and the premature death and suffering of humans. Our program is educating families how to shop, prepare food, and implement this lifestyle full-time. Many people are aware of this plan but can’t seem to figure out how to apply it with ease. Protective Diet will guide you and support you down the proven paved path to optimal health.

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  1. I am wondering about calcium? I have started using soy milk as you suggest but I am especially concerned about my children getting enough calcium. Their ages are 4 yes and 20 months

    1. Calcium is found in all plant foods – greens, beans, grains, and potatoes. Cows get calcium from grass. Cut out the middle man (the cow) and go straight to the best resource: plant-based food.

  2. I’ve been a member for over 2 months, but I still can’t find the 30 day detox. Very frustrating. I want to get started. I am at a plateau and have been for over a year, although I do follow a plant based diet. Will somebody please tell me where to find the 30 day detox?

    1. The Guide to Optimal Health is under the services tab. Here’s a link to take you there:
      This guide is filled with green links you may click on to take you to suggested lessons to start the 30 Day Detox and Taste Bud Reprogram.

      Have you been attending classes or the Live Coaching Hour?
      I am there to answer questions and assist you personally 2.5 hours a week. The schedule for live classes and chats is under the top yellow tab labeled Schedule.

      Are you part of our support group? This group will offer 24 hour assistance with any challenges.
      Here’s the link:

  3. Hi! I am wondering about how this diet may help with infertility, PCOS, thyroid function, cystic acne, autoimmune disorders and hormonal imbalance? I have seen conflicting information about animal protein, legumes, and corn products as well. Also, my Dr. is recommending a diet high in protein to improve egg quality. I also have diminished ovarian reserve. I am determined to combat all of my health issues in order to conceive. Hoping desparately that this will help!!!

    1. Renee, A Protective Diet is based on science to be the ideal diet for optimal health. Diets high in animal protein have been shown to increase cancer cell growth and increase the aging process. Cystic acne is one I personally suffered with before adopting a PD, along with many of my students. See the testimonials page and Veronica’s before and after photos. Her skin is glowing and beautiful example of what an ideal diet can do on the outside. Corn is a whole grain and legumes promote optimal health. Animal proteins, oils, additives and sugars will cause imbalance and inflammation. Inflammation promotes auto immune diseases. I highly recommend this anti-inflammatory diet long term for optimal health. Have you join our face book support group? You can discuss this with others who have eliminated the challenges you are speaking of. Best of health to you!

      1. We are currently upgrading the site and the new format will have a GF category. Many are GF or have alternatives in the notes. We hope to have them separated in a month or two with the new site.

  4. I just found your website. I have been vegan since April of 2013. I have lost thirty pounds,but have been stuck for the last three months at the same weight. I have watched a few of the videos. I believe I am eating to much vegan junk . I like what you have to say. Anyway., what video should I start with to really understand your plan? Thanks

    1. Hi Sandy,
      Start with the first video on PD-Ed. Go tho the bottom of the class list and click on archives. If you watch or listen to them in order it will give you the best foundation. Also join the support group on face book I am active in this group and there is a great deal of support from very successful students who have been living this lifestyle. Welcome and I’m looking forward to interacting with you in PD-ED and hearing about your results. Don’t forget to take a before picture. Results are typical and they happen fast!

    1. There are no restrictions on grains, fruits and veggies. I suggest as your body becomes accustomed to fiber start increasing the veggies. I shoot for half of my plate vegetables and the other half starch. Eat until you are nicely full and satisfied.

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