Weight Loss Averages

The average weight loss with full-time practice of a Protective Diet is 10 pounds per month. I have witnessed as much at 31 pounds in a single month to a little as four pounds. The average is calculated to be 10 pounds per month until you achieve your ideal body weight.

Sue lost a total of 80 pounds
It took her 8 months to reach her goal
She averaged 10 pounds of weight loss per month
Sue’s weigh-ins ranged from 6 pounds in a month to 15 pounds in a month
When Sue divided her 80 pound weight loss by the number of months she was practicing full time, she averaged 10 pounds of weight loss per month

In practical studies of members practicing a Protective Diet, as it is designed and following through full time, we find they have achieved their ideal body weight at an average of 10 pounds lost per month. This is rarely an even 10-pound loss per monthly weigh-in, because weight loss tends to consistently fall off in clusters. This results in what I call Baggy Clothes Syndrome, or what our community endearingly refers to as BCS. BCS becomes most challenging at the end of the third month of practice.

On your start day, take a before picture and weigh in, then put the scale away. Your next weigh-in should not be until one month has passed. Results happen fast, so don’t forget to take that before shot. I recommend taking a monthly photo in the same position and outfit. You will enjoy having these to track your progress. They will help you to wrap your mind around your accomplishments.

Weighing more than monthly is not recommended. What if your body didn’t release weight until your first 30 days were complete, and then on the fifth week you dropped 20 pounds, but you quit early because of a premature weigh-in indicating that PD wasn’t working for you? I call this complete and total self-sabotage. This program is proven effective. You are not a specially designed human different from everyone in the community who has successfully achieved their goals. The only thing that can stop you from success is yourself. Follow through and weight loss along with internal healing will be a natural side effect of a Protective Diet.

Track those results and stick to it. Write down your start date and mark down your weight loss goal, averaging a ten-pound monthly weight loss. If your goal is 50 pounds, put a star on your calendar five months from your start date. Follow the Guide to Optimal Health with the support of PD-ED and our community and expect BCS to be a welcomed challenge in just three months.

Your age, history of difficult weight loss or thyroid disorder will not make weight loss challenging to achieve on a Protective Diet. Excess body fat is not a possibility when you are eating a diet for optimal health.

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