Why This Works

The differences between The Protective Diet and other low-fat plant based diet plans are:

  • Physical cravings are eliminated by removing all forms of sugar (including dried fruit), food additives, coffee, juice and all animal products
  • Taste buds are reprogrammed with the elimination of extracted fats in the diet such as oils
  • Whole plant based foods high in saturated fats such nuts, nut butters, avocado, coconut and seeds (except for chia seeds for thickening purposes) are removed
  • Physical food addiction is eliminated in the first 30 days with abstinence
  • After the 30 Day Detox and Taste Bud Reprogram is complete, our taste bud receptors are not searching for the missing fats
  • Natural food satisfaction is improved, making this plan an enjoyable, maintainable delicious lifestyle
  • We can then truly address eating to satisfy hunger without cravings and addiction driving us to over-consume food
  • After 30 days our major challenges of food addiction are behind us
  • It becomes easy to stay on track
  • We are eating to satisfy hunger rather than to satisfy cravings
  • New skills are developed to manage this diet and lifestyle
  • The Guide to Optimal Health outlines three focus levels to hone your practice all the way to optimal health (the guide is located in the Services menu).

Protective Diet recipes are based on comfort food favorites for the entire family to enjoy. They aren’t just boring steamed veggies with rice or big pots of hot water and vegetables called soup. I’m offering you familiar food favorites so you never have to cheat. The recipes are sure to please simple young palettes and foodies alike. Protective Diet incorporates authentic global cuisine, uniting kitchens of the world with healthy worldly options. The program and recipes are designed to encourage those new to the kitchen along with master chefs who want to improve with innovative healthy cooking techniques.

I designed this plan incorporating the science behind a whole foods plant based diet proven to reverse and protects us from disease. I then took it a few steps further to eliminate cravings, make us feel incredible, and satisfy our love of good food with delicious and easy to follow recipes. Protective Diet incorporates lifestyle coaching, a community of support and a step-by-step guide to make this practice enjoyable and fun while quickly reaching all our health goals.

The Protective Diet allows us to eat when we are hungry and stop when we are full and satisfied. This may sound simple, but it is something that is nearly impossible to do when we are eating foods loaded with additives, sugars, and fats that cause us to confuse cravings or withdrawal with hunger. We never limit grains or starches. Once we accomplish the first 30 days, we move forward improving our health with the PD 50/50 Balanced Plate Practice. We then can move on to mastering our practice with a 21 Meals to Mastery Challenge. This third and final step is optional and focuses on mindful eating to accelerate weight loss or eliminate those last few pounds of body fat. It will reduce food costs and time spent preparing meals.

Join the free support group Protective Diet Living and meet many people enjoying the lifestyle and health benefits of a Protective Diet. Start taking action today by enrolling in PD-Ed. You are just 30 days away from a slimmer, healthier you.

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  1. I have been watching your videos, reading, printing recipes & reading testimonials all day today. I paid the $29 to subscribe to your program, but I don’t know where to go to get started on the 30 day detox program. What do I do now? Thanks, Shari

    1. Watch this navigational video guide to getting stated

      then start with archived lesson #1. All archived lessons are located in the archives found on the PD-Ed page underneath the classroom section.
      Let me know if you have any further questions.

  2. Need help in logging on. I registered, but then when I went to log on it said, “the email you entered does not belong to any account. So then I tried re-signing up and that didn’t work either because it said that my email and password was already in use or belonged to someone else implying that I was registered. I was trying to sign up for free support group Protective Diet Living. Help.

    1. Hi Jean,

      Thanks for your comment. I am the administrator of the site and I’ll gladly help you.
      The good news is you are logged in as a free subscriber. Logging in grants you the ability to post comments and see any of the free recipes. To join the group simply click the floating blue “Support Group” button on the right. The private facebook group will open in a new window, then you click join.


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