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Protective Diet-Ed is a live and interactive weekly webcast lesson about the application and benefits of a Protective Diet. Each week covers a different topic of discussion relating to an oil, sugar and nut free whole food plant based diet and lifestyle. The format allows you to ask live questions and interact with other students in the classroom. These interactive courses are designed to be affordable, help guide you, offer support and make this lifestyle successful, easy and rewarding. Learn the foundation, application, tips and tricks to experience fast and sustainable results. Subscribers receive access to online weekly classes, live question answer and exclusive new recipes reserved for PD-Ed students only. If you can’t tune in live on Tuesday at 8:00 pm CST you may watch the recorded lesson at your leisure. You will have access to all archived classes for the duration of your subscription. Julie Marie is looking forward to working with you and sharing all her proven effective tips and tricks to guide you to optimal health. Subscribe at just $29.97 for 30 days of guidance, support and access to fresh new Protective Diet Premium Recipes. To create an optimal consistent customer experience the subscription dues will be collected automatically every 30 days. You may choose to cancel your subscription to PD-Ed at any time.

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Most Recent Premium Recipes

  • Gyro Sandwich Premium Recipe Gyro Sandwich I recreated this comfort food favorite for my mother and I and made it unbelievably healthy. I can remember having the Gyro splitting debate on the way to Greek place called The Works. My mom would always say “Do you want to ...
  • Soft Pocket Bread Premium Recipe Soft Pocket Bread - © Chicago is home to a place called Pockets, specializing in dressed and tossed salads stuffed inside fresh baked pocket bread. I have recreated this delicious lunch special with Protective Diet Pocket Bread. Each pocket weighs in at only 160 calories. Stuff them full ...
  • PD Latte Premium Recipe PD Latte - © When we stop consuming coffee, our physical addiction to it passes within a day or two. The memory of the habit can be our biggest challenge. It will beckon us when we pass a shop and smell the intoxicating aroma of beans being ...
  • Shortcut Potatoes Premium Recipe Main Short Cut Potatoes pic I love simple baked potatoes with salads or topped with Veggie Chili, Cheeze Sauce and Sour Cream Dream. I never seem to have a full hour to wait for them to bake, so I created this recipe that produces an even tastier baked potato ...
  • Whipped Lemon Fluff – Premium Recipe Whipped Lemon Fluff primary picture The fluffy texture of this no-bake dessert reminds me of the Dream Whip creations I adored in the 70s. The fresh & light citrus berry flavor will have everyone lining up for a seconds. The ease in preparation, and health-promoting sugar-free ingredients will have you ...
  • Cream of Broccoli Soup Premium Recipe Cream of Broccoli Soup This deceivingly indulgent, rich-tasting cream of broccoli soup is a perfect wintertime meal to keep you slim and slipping into your ski pants with room for extra layers. Enjoy the easy recipe with preparation options for the stove top or the pressure cooker. ...
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39 Comments Add Yours

  1. Serenity

    So, we have to pay $11 a month to see your recipes now? Or am I missing something?

    • Julie Marie

      There are 123 recipes that will always be free and available to you. The monthly subscription of $29.97 is for all my new recipes I am creating exclusively for Protective Diet -Ed subscribers. They also receive an awesome interactive live on line class every week. If you can’t tune in live you can watch all the classes at a later time. They will be archived into a library of previously aired lessons. You should join us! You can interact with questions and it’s a great support to this lifestyle. The charge helps fund all the supplies to create all the new innovative recipes, operations of the site fees and support of the live class room. If you would like more info click on the PD-Ed yellow button and watch the video.

    • Serenity

      That’s good to hear. I really enjoy your website. But I can’t seem to log in without enrolling. Am I at the wrong link or something?

    • brainguyjerry

      Hi Serenity,

      Great news! You are logged in. You must be to comment. Logging in for free gives you access to all of the free content on and all that’s excluded will be listed on this page. You will only be prompted to enroll if you attempt to access exclusive content or this page directly. Hope this helps!

      ( designer/administrator)

  2. Donna Rice

    Can I drink wine on this diet?

    • Julie Marie

      Yes, moderate alcohol consumption can promote the endothelium. I will cover this in PD-Ed class on December 31st.

  3. Nancy Brady

    Hi, it says I’m “logged in” but when I try to see the ingredients in some of the recipes, it keeps asking me to log in or register??? What to do please? Thank you.

  4. Shirley Longboy

    Hi Julie, I had a hard time in using paypal. Everytime I click the credit/debit card button I will link to the paypal account. Pls help I really want to join and have the wonderful support from you guys. Thanks…Shirley

    • Julie Marie

      Hi Shirley,

      We use Paypal for all enrollments. If you need help using paypal you can call their customer service line 1 (888) 221-1161. Thanks and hope to see you in class soon!

  5. estelle siegel

    I am not sure I am posting this in the right spot. I would like to educate myself before I dive straight in, hoping that my success will be guaranteed. I tried McDougall but got extremely bored. I love veggies but I was beginning to find them almost unappealing. I am just so overwhelmed by this website and I just don’t know how or where to begin. Any suggestions?

    • Julie Marie

      Hi Estelle,
      Welcome to Protective Diet. I recommend jumping in with a recipe. Join our face book support group Protective Diet Living to meet hundreds of friendly people practicing a PD.
      I recommend enrolling in PD-Ed to gain access to all the Premium recipes. The classes make this lifestyle sustainable and offer a great understanding and support of the PD-Ed student community. PD-Ed offers many cost cutting tips making and many say it pays for it self. You can find more info about it here or ask students about it in the PDL support group
      Excited to have you with us and eating your way to a slimmer healthier you with a Protective Diet
      Best of Health,
      Julie Marie

  6. Jimmy Pruitt

    Did anyone see my request to reinstate my membership. That was a
    hugh mistake on my part- Thank you for your help

    • Jerry Christensen

      Hi Jimmy,

      Since you canceled your enrollment I do not have the power to reinstate or continue your membership. I’ve set your profile to subscriber level giving you the ability to enroll on Let me know if you have any problems.

      Creative Webmaster of

  7. janet doe

    How do I sign in to the free class tonight?

    • Julie Marie

      Refresh this web page now. You’ll see the classroom at the top.

  8. hortensia muniz

    I want to sign up fo 30 days. Does the system automatically renew my subcription?
    How far in advance must i cancel my subscription

    • Julie Marie


      We bill in 30 day cycles. If you signed up now and cancelled later today or in 29 days you would have full access for the remainder of your 30 day billing period until system automatically collects and renews your subscription for another 30 days. When you enroll you lock in that rate for the life of your subscription regardless future price increases or how much new content and training is added.

  9. Jean Blair Blair

    Hi , I am a paid subscriber, but having computer problem. Unable to get the potato pancake recipe when I hit “more”. Whereas, no problem in getting the flour pancake recipe to come up. Also unable to email you at “Contact Us” because it requires me to sign up for “outlook” which is problematic. Could I just have your email address or telephone number as I have no way to contact you. Thank-you.

  10. Lorri Berger

    I’m confused…I saw on the website a price of $47 for a lifetime membership. Now I see a price of $29.97 every 30 days. Please explain.

    • Julie Marie

      Hi Lorri,

      We’ve only offered monthly memberships. Perhaps you have confused a Protective Diet Premium Membership with another program?

  11. Ruth Zalduondo

    I’ve been trying to get the receipts for the creamed corn and the pies and haven’t been able too.

  12. Maddy Moreau

    I want to get started with the diet but I can’t figure out where to get started.
    Is there a daily menu for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks to go by?
    I’m anxious to get started, but a little confused. Please help.

    • Julie Marie

      Hi Maddy,
      The best and most effective way to get started is with archived lessons in PD-Ed. Start with lesson number one by enrolling in PD-Ed and clicking on the archived lessons on the PD-Ed page. Watch the pre-recorded lessons and then join us weekly for our live broadcasts. PD-Ed is a group coaching program to guide you to optimal health with the day to day application of a Protective Diet. It will give you all the information and support needed to practice this lifestyle and achieve all your health goals.

  13. pattiries

    I am new to this approach to a healthier life. Where do I start? I need to loose weight but I desperately need to become healthy! Help!

    • Julie Marie

      I would suggest reading the material on the site as well as the FAQ section. There’s many videos here to help get you started,but the fastest most effective way is to enroll in PD-Ed
      This is a group coaching program designed to get you jump started with ease in the day to day application. It teaches you how to manage this lifestyle while saving money and producing results. We cover many related subjects and offer two weekly interactive chats as well as a live class room. Get started with the first archived PD-Ed lesson and work you way through. Join us live on Tuesdays and Saturdays or just catch up with the recorded archived lessons. This program is an affordable way to guide you to optimal health with my personal support along with the PD community.
      Join our free support group for 24 hours of support and interaction with our online community. It is on Facebook: Protective Diet Living –
      Looking forward to working with you!
      If you need further assistance above and beyond PD-Ed I offer one on one coaching with options listed under the Services tab

      Best of Health,
      Julie Marie Christensen

  14. mike

    Can we opt out easily after joining? How long are your video lessons? Do you ever eat out?

    • Julie Marie

      Hi Mike,
      There is no commitment to PD-Ed enrollment only to your health. When you enroll you will have 30 days of access. If you choose to end your enrollment/subscription, just click on the UN-subscribe button at the bottom of the Pd-Ed page. Each lesson is 60 minutes. I suggest starting with the archived lesson #1 to understand the foundation. Listen to the lessons that call out to you based on their subject. I also recommend lessons # 32, 33 and 34 to learn how to stock you pantry for efficiency and savings.
      I do eat out on occasion and teach how to travel on a Protective Diet. I always find meals to be far more satisfying at home. If you are one to eat out due to ease, you will find it easier and more satisfying to prepare meals at home after a little time practicing a PD.

  15. laurelp

    Where are the free recipes? Can’t seem to find them.

    • Julie Marie

      Click on the free recipes. It’s the first option in the “All Recipes” drop down menu.

  16. NYArtist

    Where are the free ones?

  17. JoAnn

    Couldn’t figure out how to login for the preclass chat? Are there directions somewhere?

    I’m the one who asked about Karyn’s on Green. I’ll be in Chicago one night next month and would like to enjoy a meal out. Do you have any suggestions?

    • Julie Marie

      Go to the PD-Ed page (click on the yellow button on the home screen) or
      On the right of the Classroom will be a chat box. The pre-class chat and Live coaching hour is held there.
      Under the classroom screen you will see three columns. The first is the schedule, check this for upcoming classes, chats and broadcasted events. The second is all the archived classes. The third is the exclusive recipes.
      There are many vegan restaurants in Chicago and most are heavy with oil, sugar, faux meats and nuts. I would call ahead to Karen’s to see if they can accommodate you with an oil, nut and sugar-free meal. This restaurant is about presentation more than portion. I haven’t dined there since going oil-free, nut-free and sugar-free. The last time I was there I left hungry. Beautiful plates, but small portions.

  18. JoAnn

    Wondering what you use for full on long bicycle rides.

    • Julie Marie

      I start off with a good breakfast. Bananas, apples and watermelon are our favorites. If we are gone all day I will pack a lunch to stop for 15-20 minutes to eat. If you like to ride with out stopping and want more starch to keep you going strong the Granola Bars, Breakfast Brownies, Zucchini Bread, Blue Berry Muffins or Apple Oat Muffins are perfect!

  19. JoAnn

    I meant “fuel”.

  20. Joann

    I have tried to register like 20 times and each time I get the following message “The reCAPTCHA wasn’t entered correctly. Go back and try it again!” I have tried both the visual and audio codes and continue to get the same message, even when the number sequence is super simple. Hints?!

  21. Joann

    Never mind. I tried again by starting from scratch and it worked. :-)


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