Day Fast & Feast Guide

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Experienced Benefits:

Guide for Maximum Results Day Fasting and Feasting

Understand the science, precautions and daily application with these lessons:

Guidance Rules:

Apply these rules for a rewarding and sustainable Day Fast and PD Feast Practice
Each guidance rule is explained with examples in PD-Ed Lesson #220 – Day Fast & Feast Guide

#1: Practice a Full Time Protective Diet for Optimal Health
A full time commitment will make your practice sustainable and easy, eliminating food cravings and physical food addiction
Supportive PD-Ed Lessons:

#2: Stock Your Pantry and Set Up Your Workplace For Wellness
Supportive PD-Ed Lessons:

#3: Do not eat anything until you are ready to break your fast and are sitting down to a plated meal
Supportive PD-Ed Lessons:

#4: Complete all important work before eating and plan to retire for the day after feasting

#5: Do not batch cook full meals ahead of time
Supportive PD-Ed Lesson:

#6: SUS Set Up For Success
Supportive PD-Ed Lesson:

#7: Get out of the kitchen

#8: Improve food quality and variety enjoying multiple protective items per meal
Supportive PD-Ed Lessons:

#9: Feast at the end of your productive day

#10: Eat protective fruit with or to finish your feast

#11: Take B-12 with your meal

#12: Understand the science and benefits of fasting
Supportive PD-Ed Lessons:

#13: Know your personal “why,” write it down and set goals
Supportive PD-Ed Lesson:

#14: Do not tell people you are fasting until you’ve personally mastered it
You do not need the stress of defending a practice you have not yet fully experienced
Supportive PD-Ed Lesson:

#15: Soothe yourself with warm or iced protective beverages
(do not use sweeteners)
Hot water with or without a small squeeze of lemon or piece of ginger
Japanese green tea, Gyokuro or Sencha
Black English breakfast tea
Flower Water (do not exceed one quart per day)
Chai, no latte
Tuber Tonic, no latte
Mineral water

#16: Tighten Up Your Eating Window for Maximum Results

#17: Be flexible on special occasions and take notes on how you felt in your Calendar of Achievements
Ghrelin (hunger hormone) production will decrease during the day with a consistent daily feast time

#18: Appreciate both physical and psychological feelings
Address them appropriately instead of turning to food
Supportive Pd-Ed Lesson:

#19: Always Do What Feels Good
When we are doing what is beneficial for our body, it will feel good

#20: Warning
If you are on medication and your physical health is not optimal, consult with your prescribing physician
Do not submit to obesity or disease. Be the boss of your body and take daily action to eliminate it with my #1 Rule: Practice a Full Time Protective Diet for optimal health.
This practice will allow a fasting routine to be risk free, sustainable and rewarding.

Click and Print – Protective Diet Day Fast and Feast Guidance Rules Reference Guide