Guide to Optimal Health

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How to get started on a Protective Diet

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  3. Complete the steps listed in the Guide to Optimal Health (below)

Guide to Optimal Health

Level #1
Complete the Protective Diet 30-Day Detox and Taste Bud Reprogram with the guidance and support of Protective Diet Education

Eliminate physical food addiction, cravings and awaken your taste buds to natural foods while you set up your Workplace for Wellness and learn the science supporting a Protective Diet.

Guidance Tools:

Free Class #260 – Day One On a Protective Diet This class is your guide to getting started. This program is designed to help you make an immediate and complete… Continue Reading
Class #001 – Starting a Protective Diet Welcome to Protective Diet Education! This class will outline the paved, proven path to optimal health. We are practicing nutritional… Continue Reading
Class #007 – Understanding the Endothelium This class explains the basics of endothelial function and health. In Protective Diet Education, we learn and apply diet and… Continue Reading
Class #008 – Understanding Cholesterol You will gain a better understanding why your doctor said to raise your HDL and the greater importance of your… Continue Reading
Screenshot 108 Class #108 – Whole Food Detox and Taste-bud Reprogram This class covers how to view detoxification symptoms as a positive change. You will learn how to speed up detox… Continue Reading
118 Screenshot final Class #118 – SUS – Set-Up For Success Making meal prep easy, stress-free & delicious Continue Reading
Class #125 – Kitchen Tools – Beginner Essentials This class introduces the kitchen tools considered essential for operating a Protective Diet plant-based kitchen. Also included are suggestions for… Continue Reading
Class #016 – Inflammatory Disease – Acidic & Alkaline Foods This class discusses the negative health consequences of consuming acid-forming foods, especially chronic inflammation. A Protective Diet is the ideal… Continue Reading
Class #244 – Back To The Basics 2019 Reviewing essential fundamental practices on a Protective Diet. Continue Reading
Class #269 – Getting Comfortable Enjoying Delicious Food This class demonstrates how to enjoy delicious food every day. Extreme diet trends prescribe eating bland, nutritious food daily and… Continue Reading
Class #032 – Stocking Your Kitchen For Efficiency and Savings Part 1 – Pantry Staples Stocking Dry goods monthly to save money, time and effort during the week Continue Reading
Class #082 – Mastering Label Reading & Understanding Food Additives Learn to identify food additives confidently and independently Continue Reading
Class #087 – Pantry Par Stocking System Creating a simple inventory system to re-stock your pantry, keep food bills low and never find yourself out of an… Continue Reading
Class #096 – Kitchen Set-Up for Efficiency Organizing your space to make meal preparation and kitchen management a simple pleasure Continue Reading

Level #2
PD 50/50 Balanced Plate Practice

This practice focuses on balancing two out of three daily meals with starch based energy and the antioxidant protection of colorful non-starch vegetables featured in PD-Ed lesson #72, PD Practice Check-Up

Level #3
PD Mindful Eating and Eliminating Food Obsession with the 21 Meals to Mastery Challenge

This is the third and final step to mastering a Protective Diet

Guidance Tools:

Emotional Eating Class #012 – How To Identify and Eliminate Emotional Eating What is emotional eating? Why do we do it? How do we put an end to this self abusive reoccurring… Continue Reading
Class #021 – Emotional Eating Has emotional eating become the excuse for not achieving your goals? Old eating habits die hard. Now that it’s working,… Continue Reading
Class #022 – All On or All Off, Starving or Bingeing, Perfection or Disaster Perfectionism with dieting, are you either bingeing or starving? Successfully finding a comfortable and rewarding middle ground. Continue Reading
Class #024 – Food Obsessions Are you constantly thinking about food? Do you panic if you aren’t prepared for the week with a stocked freezer?… Continue Reading
Class #072 – The PD-Practice Check-Up If you are just getting started or have been practicing a Protective Diet for years this class is for you.… Continue Reading
Class #078 – Checkup Follow up visit PD 30 day checkup from the neck up results Continue Reading
Class #092 – Food Anxiety Are you afraid of a Protective Diet’s delicious looking recipes? Some fear and avoid certain recipes because they resemble problematic… Continue Reading
Class #097 – 21 Meals to PD Mastery Resetting your natural calorie tracker to achieve maximum weight loss and meal satisfaction; while saving you time and money. Continue Reading
Class #163 – Handicapping The Binge When Mindful Eating becomes second nature Continue Reading
Class #183 – Batch Cooking Can Stall Weight Loss Idle time and ready made meals can reduce satiation, numbing your body's natural calorie tracker sabotaging your ability to practice… Continue Reading
Class #200 – Stop The Snacks Challenge Getting started with Mindful Eating Continue Reading
Class # 207 – The Need To Feed Psychological habits vs. physical addiction - Stop The Snacks Challenge guidance Continue Reading
Class #257 – How the Gut Microbiota Influences Our Behavior & Controls Our Wellbeing Learn how to promote a robust immune system and efficient metabolism by populating a diverse resident microbiota with a Protective… Continue Reading
Class #265 – What’s Your Food Mood This class exposes the true source of dietary preference and mood--our microbes control our food choices and behavior. Learn how… Continue Reading
Free Class #268 – Mind Games: Self Awareness & Celebrating Success This class introduces the Daily Love Bubble gratitude practice as a way to acknowledge your accomplishments and shout out joy… Continue Reading

Master Practice
You have achieved your health goals

You confidently continue your practice of a PD and enjoy the high energy lifestyle it offers.

Guidance Tools:

Class #171 – The Burden Of Thin Eliminate dietary restriction with the PD Advantage Continue Reading
Class #178 – All Natural Cleaning Make your home a safe zone, eliminate toxins, protect your endothelium and improve air quality Continue Reading
Class #181 – Keep It Out & Keep It Off Stress-free optimal health maintenance with a sustainable practice. Continue Reading
Class #187 – The PD Groove Enjoying the process and maintaining the PD Advantage Continue Reading
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