Protective Diet helped me recognize the corruption in the American food industry and in other areas

At the start of my PD journey: 1) In my late 30s and the mother of 3 small children 2) At my heaviest at 170lbs. I am only 5’3” and the weight was taking a toll on my body. 3) I felt depressed, dealt with anxiety, started having lower back pain, had little to no… Read More/Comment “Protective Diet helped me recognize the corruption in the American food industry and in other areas”

Liz Ptasznik
June 5, 2024

My Protective Journey – Christina Smith

(2023) I love eating protective! I love all the different flavors and varieties of awesome recipes. I love the way Julie shows us how to cook the recipes and gives us new tips and tricks. (1984) That said, let’s go back to 1984 when I started eating vegan. There weren’t very many recipes and it… Read More/Comment “My Protective Journey – Christina Smith”

Christina Smith
June 20, 2023

40 Pounds in 4 months No Exercise

I’m Jennie, and I’m raving about the Protective Diet. I feel better than I have in years! I’m almost 77, and I feel like I have a new life. I lowered my cholesterol and triglycerides, got off my cholesterol medication, lowered my thyroid, and recovered quickly from having my hip replaced. My Doctor was excited!… Read More/Comment “40 Pounds in 4 months No Exercise”

Jennie Echols
November 5, 2022

Losing weight & gaining life!

Well, it’s official. Protective Diet works just like Julie Marie says it does. Mere days away from 3 months in and I’m down 30 lbs. During this time, I’ve eaten in, traveled and eaten out. And it still works! No wretched cravings happen, and I’m fully satisfied with the taste of my food. it’s silly,… Read More/Comment “Losing weight & gaining life!”

Judi Paul
November 5, 2022

A Second Chance At Life by Kristi DeCoster

Plant-based recipes the family will love, education, lifestyle guidance, and support. Protection for human health, all animals & our planet.

This testimonial is one of the most challenging things I’ve ever written. The Protective Diet has so significantly impacted my life, in numerous ways, that I’ve wrestled with how to condense the immense rewards yet still convey its remarkable value. Even doing my very best there is so much to share. Let me begin with… Read More/Comment “A Second Chance At Life by Kristi DeCoster”

Kristi Jean
February 25, 2022

PD and Day Fasting

I am so grateful to have found Jerry and Julie in my life. I have always known that a whole foods lifestyle of eating is the right way for us to eat. I just did not know how to start and what to eat. With Protective Diet, I have all the great meal plans and… Read More/Comment “PD and Day Fasting”

Bill Fowler
February 1, 2022

Ready to get in the best health of your life?

90 days ago I decided to go 100% in and I’m here to tell you this is a real plan for optimal health NOT a “ diet” Why did I decide? I wanted to clean up some habits ( coffee, protein bars and common myths) BAM! I have been vegan/ plant based for years but… Read More/Comment “Ready to get in the best health of your life?”

Lucy Hess
June 26, 2021

Thank You!

As I prepared my breakfast and thought through the upcoming week I was struck by how much has changed since I joined PD 9 months and 3 days ago. On my counter there are jars filled with baked crackers, cereals, ready-to-go-mixes, toasted grains, ferments and sprouts. My fridge holds quarts of thick soy yogurt, brewed… Read More/Comment “Thank You!”

Sue Ferguson
March 2, 2021

1 month in…

Plant-based recipes the family will love, education, lifestyle guidance, and support. Protection for human health, all animals & our planet.

One month in and I am down 6 pounds, but, more importantly, my energy levels have gone up and the eczema on my elbows is so much better. The eczema on my neck is completely gone. Still experiencing allergies and a little asthma but it’s better. I am doing nothing but following Julie’s recipes and… Read More/Comment “1 month in…”

Elissa Ward
January 4, 2021

Protectivediet.com got me all the way to a healthy BMI!

I have been overweight my whole life practically and I had a MAJOR “sweet tooth”. I found protectivediet.com in January of 2017 when I was home sick for 2 weeks. I was amazed at how easy it was to give up sugar, dairy, and meat, with delicious healthy versions of breakfast brownies, banana bread &… Read More/Comment “Protectivediet.com got me all the way to a healthy BMI!”

Suzette King
October 27, 2020

30 days on PD (again)

It has been years since I have done PD 100%. I never really left completely. Even when I went off plan there were recipes that I just loved. Today is my 30 days on PD again and for the last time. I have felt so good. All my inflammation and always feeling tired is gone.… Read More/Comment “30 days on PD (again)”

Kristie Clark
September 16, 2020

Protective diet is a game changer!!!

Ok guys… I’m not big on posting selfies (in fact I never do, I’m new back to Facebook. I rejoined just to be a part of this group after not being on social media for 10 years)… but since this group is private and I love all of you. You’ve been so encouraging. You’ve kept… Read More/Comment “Protective diet is a game changer!!!”

Wendy Pinkerton
August 11, 2020

Fasting is not for everyone: My 30 day fasting self challenge

Here are some things I felt during my fast. 1. Freedom. I felt great freedom from food as I knew my meal was not going to be until dinner time. I was able to make breakfast for Loewy, Myra and Cheryl without temptation and I enjoyed doing it. Except for Loewy, I was able to… Read More/Comment “Fasting is not for everyone: My 30 day fasting self challenge”

Angela Sorrentino
June 19, 2020

Thoughts for Newbies to PD, Day Fasting & Being Blessed~

Dianna Heckman May 25 at 6:32 PM So, I have been VERY Consistent with my Day Fasting Practice since January 7th of this year. (I have been eating PD for over 4 years and day fasting for over a year.) Even before this lock down my body had begun to change, but not real noticeably… Read More/Comment “Thoughts for Newbies to PD, Day Fasting & Being Blessed~”

Dianna Heckan
June 1, 2020

Celebrating 5 years on the Protective Diet

Eight years ago my amazing wife Molly convinced me to try the McDougall Plant Based Diet. 5 years ago she started following the Protective Diet and quickly convinced me to join her. Without her daily commitment to planning and meal preparation we would not be celebrating transformed health while eating the best food I have… Read More/Comment “Celebrating 5 years on the Protective Diet”

Bob Burkey
April 11, 2020

30 Day Detox

So excited to say I’ve now completed my 30-day detox and lost 8.8lbs which for me is AMAZING! I was so hesitant stepping on my scale this morning because I’m so used to not losing a thing but I was so happy to see that scale with that loss😊. Now to put it away for… Read More/Comment “30 Day Detox”

Sharon Campbell
August 8, 2019


Even since discovering PD a few years ago, I’ve been all over the place with diets and uncontrolled blood sugar, and recently – scary high tricycerides and cholesterol. I don’t know why it took me so long to realize that this is the best, healthiest way for my body. My blood sugar has NEVER been… Read More/Comment “Finally!”

Kathryn Thomas
August 8, 2019

Super natural whitening toothpaste

I finally got my little jars and was able to make my first batch of this awesome toothpaste a week ago. I’m so glad I took a before picture. This is only one week. I can’t wait to see what it will look like after six months! Also, my teeth feel so clean and smooth!… Read More/Comment “Super natural whitening toothpaste”

Dorothy Blevens
March 15, 2019

And it’s only been 30 days!!!

Dear J & J, I have been wanting to write one of these testimonials for years!!! Now, I am finally able to!!! For those of you that don’t know me, I am/was a childhood friend of Julie’s and went to junior high and high school with Julie. I have been following Julie all the way… Read More/Comment “And it’s only been 30 days!!!”

Vicki Dollenmaier
February 15, 2019

Goodbye spider veins, cellulite & sun damage!

Autophagy (cellular recycling) is happening on the inside and outside of my body. Yesterday’s lounging post-workout pictures. My first day in the sun 2019 getting some vitamin D on my lunch break. My skin is as white as it gets after the cold months of winter. Winter white legs always meant my spider veins and… Read More/Comment “Goodbye spider veins, cellulite & sun damage!”

Julie Marie Christensen
January 26, 2019

A Life to Enjoy!

I have been wanting to write a testimonial for days – but like everything else – life gets in the way. Life. Yes! That is what I will write about. Life – this is why I follow a Protective Diet. I have written a few testimonials before and I talked mostly about the health benefits,… Read More/Comment “A Life to Enjoy!”

Angela Sorrentino
January 1, 2019

Optimal Health on a Protective Diet

My mother’s cancer diagnosis was a real turning point in my life. I guess like most younger folks, up until then, I thought I was invincible. But after watching my mom’s struggle, I knew I had to change, I knew I was not healthy. My research brought me to a plant-based diet. I read every… Read More/Comment “Optimal Health on a Protective Diet”

Heather C.
December 31, 2018

I still don’t believe it….

I have been practicing a Protective Diet for over 5 years as of this writing – December 2018. I have never felt such a sense of freedom and empowerment as I do in my life now. Once I committed to this lifestyle, there was no turning back. I simply choose it, every bite, every meal,… Read More/Comment “I still don’t believe it….”

Karla Freeze
December 31, 2018

A new twist!

Three months ago I added Day Fasting and Feasting to my 3 year PD practice. I was so intrigued when Julie started telling us about it and all the possible benefits it could bring. I began with skipping breakfast ( so approximately 16 hours of fasting, then eating lunch and dinner). Before the first week… Read More/Comment “A new twist!”

Tece M.
December 31, 2018

My life has forever changed!

I became aware of Protective Diet around 2015 from one of my best friends, Marci. By January of 2016, I was feeling the worst I have ever felt. My weight had skyrocketed to its highest in my life, and change needed to be done. My weight troubles began early, having been diagnosed with childhood obesity… Read More/Comment “My life has forever changed!”

Allie Frost
December 31, 2018

I joined PD in May

I joined PD in May of 2017 after seeing a post on FB. I can’t begin to express my gratitude for the changes I have experienced since joining. A little about myself – I have been obese for most of my adult life, trying one diet after another (you name it, I’ve probably tried it)… Read More/Comment “I joined PD in May”

Debra Hilborn
December 31, 2018

February will be four years on Protective Diet!

When I was 379 pounds, I never even considered exercising let alone buying a propelled kayak. But my kayak is on layaway and I am so excited for spring 2019 to get out on our beautiful lakes in North Idaho. I’ll be paddling and rowing, taking in the scenery from a whole different perspective. Another… Read More/Comment “February will be four years on Protective Diet!”

Dorothy Blevens
December 30, 2018

PD for Life!

Protective Diet saved my life. Baked chips entered my kitchen in March 2013 when Julie, the creator of the Protective Diet, suggested I try baking my own from a vegan weight loss group. In May 2013 I went 95% Protective Diet. I had considered my diet healthy as a 14 year vegan and gluten-free for… Read More/Comment “PD for Life!”

Marci LeBon
December 27, 2018

I found the secret!

I have found the secret to health and weight loss! It’s Protective Diet! Today is December 23, 2018, and I’ve maintained my 75-pound loss for almost four years. On February 10, 2015, I began following Protective Diet. I was new to the Whole Food Plant-Based world. I was coming from a SAD diet. I was… Read More/Comment “I found the secret!”

Diane Ogdon
December 24, 2018

Just what I was looking for

I had a health scare back in August, 2000. I found out at my first mammogram I had breast cancer. I always thought my diet was ok but now I realized I was in for a battle of my life. I went the “traditional” route of a lumpectomy, chemo and radiation. During that time I… Read More/Comment “Just what I was looking for”

Marie C
November 18, 2018

Angela and the Onewheel

Recently, at age 52, I fell off of a motorized skateboard. I know… I know… but I love to skateboard! Anyway… I broke my knee. LUCKILY the insurance fought me and denied the MRI twice so by the time I had it done it was 5 weeks later. During this time I ate PD, used… Read More/Comment “Angela and the Onewheel”

Angela S.
September 28, 2018

It’s all a matter of perspective

Lately I have really been wanting to move my body more than just walking the dogs. I started thinking about returning to Curves. Nine years ago I had joined Curves and for about five months was able to go and exercise. When I went in for my first consultation I was given a BMI calculator… Read More/Comment “It’s all a matter of perspective”

Dorothy B
September 13, 2018

Updated testimonial

I am answering Julie’s challenge to post a pre-PD photo with a current photo. The photo on the left was taken exactly 3 years ago. The one on the right is from July this year. I began PD 100% on… Read More/Comment “Updated testimonial”

Tece M.
September 10, 2018

I love PD

I just realized I forgot to post Mike and my progress from our first 30 days back on PD. Mike is down 15 lbs, I am down 13 lbs. Mike’s BP is back in the normal range, he is off Nexium for heartburn/reflux. He is having normal BM’s 2-3x a day. He has more energy… Read More/Comment “I love PD”

Becky S.
June 28, 2018

I have never felt better!

When I came to Protective Diet three years ago I wasn’t very far from being 400 pounds at 379 lbs. I was wearing a 5X top and a 4X pant. I was taking two different meds for diabetes, I had high blood pressure, high cholesterol, GERD, uncontrolled asthma, allergies, and thyroid issues. I had been… Read More/Comment “I have never felt better!”

Dorothy B
May 24, 2018

Optimal Health Feels Effortless

Four months, 42.8 pounds!! And I keep saying this, but it is SO EASY! I just make and eat delicious PD food. The end. I don’t ever feel stressed or obsessed with food or my weight; they’re taken care of! It is truly amazing. The picture in the blue dress was from October. I don’t… Read More/Comment “Optimal Health Feels Effortless”

May 7, 2018

Just the Beginning

I have always loved to cook. When the kidlet and I went vegan 7 years ago, it inspired me even more in the kitchen. But then I became an empty-nester and after a while I found it hard to maintain the excitement, the energy I used to have in meal planning, meal prep and cooking.… Read More/Comment “Just the Beginning”

Kathleen M
January 5, 2018

Today is my 6 months PD anniversary! I am down 62 pounds!

Hi! I am Colette Marie. I joined Protective Diet in February, and went 100% PD on March 30, 2017. Today (September 30) is my 6 month anniversary, and I’m so thrilled that I discovered Julie Marie and Protective Diet! I’m currently down 62 pounds. I feel hopeful and excited to see how eating plant based… Read More/Comment “Today is my 6 months PD anniversary! I am down 62 pounds!”

Colette Marie
September 29, 2017

July 20th makes 6 months on protective diet!

6 months on the protective diet has changed my life completely. My weight dropped from 188.5 lbs to 171 pounds . 17.5 pound loss, plus I have lost more than 10 inches of fat. I went from size 14 to size 10. From large size to small size. The smaller clothes that were in my… Read More/Comment “July 20th makes 6 months on protective diet!”

Suzette K
September 11, 2017

Superb Food & Football

It is amazing how much better healthy food can taste when its prepared the right way. I enjoyed an outstanding Thursday night Football dinner with Julie and Jerry and was pleasantly surprised by how tasty their healthy food is. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge and cooking for me… Read More/Comment “Superb Food & Football”

Alex M
September 8, 2017

All The Don’ts PD Has Brought Me

Today is my 2nd PD-versary — I think. I didn’t pay much attention to the actual day because I didn’t really believe I’d ever need to reference it! I know I would not have started on my birthday, so I am going with the day after. I lost 30 pounds the first year, and maybe… Read More/Comment “All The Don’ts PD Has Brought Me”

Lisa A
August 7, 2017

Amazing Results

I am so excited about the changes I’ve seen on PD. I was at my dermatologist this morning for a skin check. I have actinic keratoses (precancerous skin lesions) that have to be frozen every few years. My last visit two years ago resulted in freezing over 30 lesions on my face, forearms and hands.… Read More/Comment “Amazing Results”

Debra H
July 28, 2017

5 months – 150 days – June 19, 2017

Suzette 5 month

Health is continuing to improve. I will take another cholesterol test at 6 months. Feeling fabulous. Free and able to eat until my tummy is happy and watch the weight fall off. My weight did not drop a lot but my comfort in clothes certainly did. I am now fitting in size 10 skirts &… Read More/Comment “5 months – 150 days – June 19, 2017”

Suzette K
July 6, 2017

Thank you, thank you!

Just a little over 30 days following PD, down 20 pounds. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, Julie & Jerry for your incredible wisdom in developing this life altering program! Debra from Phoenix,… Read More/Comment “Thank you, thank you!”

Debra H
June 4, 2017

52 pounds less at 5 months 100% PDL!

So, my 5 month weigh in I'm 52 pounds less than when I… Read More/Comment “52 pounds less at 5 months 100% PDL!”

Michael A M
May 25, 2017

120 days on a protective diet – May 20th, 2017

Weight – 173 lbs. Down 15.5 lbs. Health Changes: More energy; skin looks great, feeling great overall. I am fitting into the clothes on the small side of my closet. Measurements are dropping. Definitely dealing with some BCS. 🙂 Continuing to maintain “meals to mastery” way of eating. Using the 50/50 plate; I’m loving all… Read More/Comment “120 days on a protective diet – May 20th, 2017”

Suzette K
May 20, 2017

Protective Diet works!!!

I’m down 15 lbs after 15 weeks on Protective Diet! I just looked at my myfitness.com app which I used regularly to count calories before finding protectivediet.com It shows a nice steady drop since beginning the protective diet. It amazes me that I can eat until my tummy is happy, eat food that I thoroughly… Read More/Comment “Protective Diet works!!!”

Suzette K
May 12, 2017

90 days on Protective Diet

90 days on Protective Diet has totally changed my life. I now enjoy my Vegan diet VERY MUCH. The recipes make the program so EASY to follow! I don’t miss meat or dairy at all. I can’t believe how much my grocery bill has dropped! My weight at 90 days is 177. I did begin… Read More/Comment “90 days on Protective Diet”

Suzette K
May 12, 2017

Lost Weight, Gained a Smile and a New Outlook!

Today is my last day of the 30 Day Detox! In 30 days, I have lost six pounds without being hungry, counting calories, or feeling deprived. The food on a Protective Diet is delicious. The support that Julie, Jerry, and the rest of the PD family provide is the most caring, thoughtful, and knowledgeable I… Read More/Comment “Lost Weight, Gained a Smile and a New Outlook!”

Rachel F
March 28, 2017

Drop in Cholesterol – Thank you protectivediet.com!!!

My cholesterol readings have long been my biggest health issue. I was once tested as high as 333. I have been fighting being 20-50 pounds overweight most of my life. The only thing that ever seemed to lower my cholesterol before this was regular exercise. But, I could never get it below 285. After becoming… Read More/Comment “Drop in Cholesterol – Thank you protectivediet.com!!!”

Suzette K
March 25, 2017

30 Day Detox Progress

I am excited to share my progress so far! Today is Day 22 of my 30 Day Detox. I am starting to feel rising energy levels and a great deal of mental clarity and emotional evenness. The pictures show my progress, the one in the gray shirt my daughter took of me the day before… Read More/Comment “30 Day Detox Progress”

Rachel F
March 20, 2017

Hurray! I love protectivediet.com!!!

I am now on week 8 on a Protective Diet (PD) and I can’t be happier with the program! I was feeling thin today, so I jumped on the scale to see the scale at 180! Yes, 180 means 8.5 pounds lost in the last 7 weeks. The best part is I LOVE what I… Read More/Comment “Hurray! I love protectivediet.com!!!”

Suzette K
March 13, 2017

I was skeptical… at first!

I have to admit when my mother suggested this idea of no meats, dairy, oils, etc. I was highly skeptical. Those are all the things I love about food! Then we made some of the recipes, starting with sauces like the sweet mustard dressing, ketchup, etc. I loved them. We then moved on to snacks… Read More/Comment “I was skeptical… at first!”

James Michael Elmore
February 21, 2017

My PD Journey – April 2015 to January 2017

Before PD I had tried MANY weight-loss programs fighting obesity all my adult life. A few times I even got the weight off for a few months; but I was never able to maintain long term. By the time I started PD I had some health issues I was concerned about and the excess weight… Read More/Comment “My PD Journey – April 2015 to January 2017”

January 9, 2017

For My Health and Happiness

I’m very proud of all members who have chosen to change from an unhealthy diet to a healthy eating lifestyle. I’m just starting all over again…..today, Nov 19, 2016. I was eating clean, not eating meat, exercising, drinking water, etc. etc. And then one day about three months ago, I decided to just eat a… Read More/Comment “For My Health and Happiness”

November 19, 2016

Continuing My Protective Diet Journey on Protective Diet

My 3 Month update in my On-going Protective Diet Journey has me down 30 pounds now! I am SO enjoying not being driven by the thought or craving of “Food”, but the Freedom of enjoying the opportunity to Nourish my body with every bite I take. This Month I noticed another “mind shift”. I have… Read More/Comment “Continuing My Protective Diet Journey on Protective Diet”

Dianna H
October 28, 2016

Lost Weight Without Hunger!

I first began the whole foods program in February of 2012 at the age of 43. I had gained some weight and was miserable. I was having severe issues with uterine fibroid tumors, with heavy periods lasting 2 to 3 weeks, which in turn resulted in fairly severe anemia. I was lethargic and weak. I… Read More/Comment “Lost Weight Without Hunger!”

Tonya S
October 26, 2016

18 lbs in 30 days and still Going

As I think back to the person I was 30 days ago I am amazed. I felt a desperation and obsession when it came to food. My life revolved around the next meal and the next diet I was failing. I was introduced to Protective Diet when I seen the butter sauce recipe almost 2… Read More/Comment “18 lbs in 30 days and still Going”

Sarra D
September 20, 2016

Two Wonderful Months

Two Wonderful Months I have been Blessed to Eat Fabulous Protective Diet Meals! I have lost 21 pounds and gained a whole new perspective on food, eating, and Nourishing my body! This last month has been filled with a variety of experiences and learning. The new experience of BCS (baggy clothes syndrome) has been fun,… Read More/Comment “Two Wonderful Months”

Dianna H
September 19, 2016

Thirty days ago today…

Thirty days ago today I had an appointment with my primary care physician. During this visit I told her I wanted to get off so many meds. Why am I taking an ulcer med when I’ve never been tested for an ulcer? Also taking heartburn med. Blood pressure, cholesterol and depression, incontinence, bladder control. OTC… Read More/Comment “Thirty days ago today…”

Renae I
September 12, 2016

Tece’s Protective Diet Journey

On November 29th, 2015, I was led to the Protective Diet website by a testimonial that I saw on another whole foods plant based group on facebook. (Thank you, guardian angel, Judi Bryan!) I had already embraced the WFPBNO lifestyle several years previously, but I had been plagued by recent weight gain and not feeling… Read More/Comment “Tece’s Protective Diet Journey”

Tece M.
September 1, 2016

Three Years and Counting!

Three years have passed since I made the decision to start Protective Diet. I have overcome several health concerns and achieved many goals. I have grown and learned so much over these years. I enjoy helping others achieve their goals, sharing my experiences and teaching them about PD and how this way of life can… Read More/Comment “Three Years and Counting!”

Maria A
August 24, 2016

A Tale of Two Sisters

As I pass the August 1, 2016 two-year anniversary of adopting a Protective Diet, I’m reflecting on my journey, and that of my sister, Cathy. I’ve been a “foodaholic” all of my life. I’m 66 now, and since I was a young girl, I’ve struggled with my weight. I’ve never been considered obese, and the… Read More/Comment “A Tale of Two Sisters”

Sally G.
August 24, 2016

Protective Diet changed my life!

December 2, 2013 was the day I changed my life. I found Protective Diet the night before after someone in another plant based group mentioned the name. After going to the website and reading the details, I just knew it was for me! My highest weight, 371 here and my current weight Mid August, 2016.… Read More/Comment “Protective Diet changed my life!”

Karla F.
August 17, 2016

Wow! 30 Days Completed on PD

Wow! 30 Days Completed on PD, and What an Amazing Journey this is! SO Many Changes and New first experiences in 30 Days! As I look at my “Calendar of Achievements” for the last month, some of my new experiences include: being back into the 100’s! I started at 211.0 pounds, and at 30 days… Read More/Comment “Wow! 30 Days Completed on PD”

Dianna H
August 8, 2016

From Addiction to Food Freedom

My story begins, as many do, in my childhood. I started gaining weight at an alarming rate after being molested by a family member. My weight went up and down, but I was always on the heavier side. I used food to soothe my emotions and continued this behavior my whole life. I was the… Read More/Comment “From Addiction to Food Freedom”

Jane S
August 4, 2016

A few days from being on PD 6 months!


After studying the oil-free, plant-based, whole food movement for around a year and a half I was diagnosed with pre-diabetes. I knew I could reverse that from all of the reading I had done. But I had tried going plant-based before and got great results regarding weight loss but I could never last more than… Read More/Comment “A few days from being on PD 6 months!”

Allison Renee
July 1, 2016

You Are Never Too Old To Change Your Life With PD

In May of 2015 upon returning from a 3 week vacation, I found that my blood pressure (been high and on meds since I was 50) had reached 220/110 at my Dr’s office. I also had a cholesterol reading of 235. I was in crisis; a heart attack or stroke waiting to happen. After several… Read More/Comment “You Are Never Too Old To Change Your Life With PD”

Sandy U
May 14, 2016

I struggled with weight for over 20 years. Not anymore!

I struggled with weight for over 20 years. Not anymore! I tried all the popular diets and workout plans. I was successful on them for only a short time and then I gained all the weight back. When I heard about Protective Diet I decided to commit for a year. Put it to the test.… Read More/Comment “I struggled with weight for over 20 years. Not anymore!”

Andy R
April 9, 2016

Six months PD

Wow! I never thought I’d make it this far! I’ve tried every diet out there since 1999 when I quit smoking and gained 25 pounds. I would lose a few pounds and then get so hungry I’d eat anything and gain it right back. I had been on statins for high cholesterol until I followed… Read More/Comment “Six months PD”

March 13, 2016

162 – 127 in under a year!

I can’t believe how much I’ve shrunk and how great I feel! If you are thinking about doing it; JUST DO… Read More/Comment “162 – 127 in under a year!”

JoAnn W
March 3, 2016

PD Changed My Life!

Before starting PD, I had tried so many other ways and plans to lose weight. Sustainability (or lack thereof) and feeling deprived were the two biggest hurdles I faced. I had even tried being vegan for a time but found it difficult due to lack of recipes. In November of 2014, I met with a… Read More/Comment “PD Changed My Life!”

Melissa H
February 27, 2016

PD Works!

Well, you found your way to my testimony. Good for you. Here’s my true story: I’ve been doing PD for two years now, and it has been working wonderfully for me ever since. It’s greatly reduced my Ulcerative Colitis and Rheumatoid Arthritis symptoms, I sleep better, my skin looks great, and I have been able… Read More/Comment “PD Works!”

Robinlee G.
February 2, 2016

PD Success on month 3!

PD Success on month 3!

So, I’m happy to report that I lost 6.5 pounds during the winter holidays for a total of 28 pounds since October 5, 2015! It was rough some days but I never really fell off my horse. Just slipped in the saddle a few times. The best thing for month three is I HAD to… Read More/Comment “PD Success on month 3!”

Melinda G
January 4, 2016


I always knew it was in the food, but could never quite hit the winning combination until September 2015. After visiting a Vegan MD and having him review my food journal he immediately told me to loose the fats, nuts and convenience Vegan foods. Then I met Angela at a buffet at Lake Tahoe and… Read More/Comment “Grandma”

December 29, 2015


It’s the small things. ~Like being able to cross your legs without feeling awkward or uncomfortable. ~Or wearing a new pair of shoes that aren’t designed around your Planter’s Fasciitis that no longer exists. ~Going to a party and not feeling the need to eat everything in sight. ~Going to a party and realizing that… Read More/Comment “Angela”

Angela S.
December 6, 2015

Rosa Lee

When I started PD in April of this year, I thought I’d just begin to integrate it into our way of eating, just doing the best I could using the free recipes. Then as I did this, I found that I wanted some of the Premium Recipes. I decided to subscribe for the premium membership.… Read More/Comment “Rosa Lee”

Rosa Lee
December 5, 2015

Cindy A.

After having 2 babies in 1 year, I was at my heaviest. I discovered when my daughter was 2 weeks old that I have chronic mononucleosis syndrome (chronic mono). By the time she was a year and a half, I had mono twice. It was incredibly difficult trying to take care of 2 little ones… Read More/Comment “Cindy A.”

Cindy A
November 15, 2015

Pattye O Update

It’s amazing the tricks your mind likes to play on you. Today is my 3 month 100% PD anniversary, so I stepped on the scale. I was a bit disappointed. I had wanted to lose 10 pounds this month, instead I lost 8.5. 8.5 is not bad, but it didn’t put me into the next… Read More/Comment “Pattye O Update”

Pattye O
November 11, 2015


Day 60! The picture on the left was taken as I began this journey, 2 months ago and the one on the right was taken this morning I’m down 14.5 lbs. I admit I was disappointed this morning with weight loss. Today I start mindful eating……I have another 6 pounds I hope to lose. My… Read More/Comment “Lynda”

November 5, 2015

Plant-Based Nutritional Intervention Results are typical on a Protective Diet CJ’s Testimonial


I’ve been a member of PDL for over a year and I really enjoy reading your posts and the wonderful photos. I started eating a protective diet (straight from a standard american diet) on February 22, 2014 after my friend Karla Freeze told me about it. I’m happy and excited to share that I’ve totally… Read More/Comment “Plant-Based Nutritional Intervention Results are typical on a Protective Diet CJ’s Testimonial”

November 2, 2015

Results are typical on a Protective Diet

After having 2 babies in 1 year, I was at my heaviest. I discovered when my daughter was 2 weeks old that I have chronic mononucleosis syndrome (chronic mono). By the time she was a year and a half, I had mono twice. It was incredibly difficult trying to take care of 2 little ones… Read More/Comment “Results are typical on a Protective Diet”

Cyndy A
November 2, 2015

Results are typical on a Protective Diet

About 90 days after beginning my PD journey it was time for another round of blood tests. By this time I’d lost another 30 lbs. or so, and I was not taking BP meds. My total cholesterol had dropped to 132, and I was no longer “pre-diabetic.” The nurse had taken my blood pressure (it… Read More/Comment “Results are typical on a Protective Diet”

Judi B.
November 1, 2015

Karen P


Eight months into my PD journey and today I hit the 30 lbs gone mark! I never imagined I would see the 150’s again (haven’t been this weight since high school). I started my WFPB journey on Jan 1st but was floundering with knowing what to cook and struggling to find compliant recipes that I… Read More/Comment “Karen P”

Karen P
October 31, 2015


March 1, 2015, about 9 am. That moment is sealed in my memory. I ran into my esteemed co-worker Robinlee Garber in the hallway for the first time in months. My jaw dropped. I couldn’t believe how she looked! It wasn’t just that she clearly lost a significant amount of weight, but her skin glowed… Read More/Comment “Joanne”

Joanne W
August 31, 2015

Marci L

Protective Diet saved my life. Baked chips entered my kitchen in May 2013 when Julie suggested I try baking my own from a vegan weight loss group. In June 2013 I went 95% Protective Diet. I had considered my diet healthy as a 14 year vegan and gluten free for the past 5. I wasn’t… Read More/Comment “Marci L”

August 20, 2015

First 30 Days

I started PD July 21st. Reporting my 30 days results a tad early because I have family coming tomorrow for a week vacation and I will be away from the scale… July 21st weighed 362.2 lbs Aug 17th weigh 340.8 lbs Weight lost 21.4 lbs Thank you to Julie, Jerry and each of you who… Read More/Comment “First 30 Days”

Meg W.
August 17, 2015

Judi B.

April 4, 2014…it was a new beginning for me. Over the past few DECADES, I’d gotten into some pretty nasty eating habits and I was wearing the consequences all over my body. I was arguably one of the worst fast-food junkies I know. McD for breakfast, most lunches, and many dinners…and fast foods and TV… Read More/Comment “Judi B.”

Judi B.
July 30, 2015

Sharon H

Sharon and Scott

My husband Scott and I began following Protective Diet sometime right around the end of March. We had been 100% plant-based since January 2012 when I randomly ending up watching Forks Over Knives on Netflix to occupy myself one very cold Saturday here in Minnesota. As we do with everything, we plunged in 100% with… Read More/Comment “Sharon H”

Sharon H
July 15, 2015

Support and Sustainability

I saw the movie “Forks Over Knives” in early January of 2013. I started studying the video and the written works of Doctors Esselstyn, Campbell, McDougall, Bernard, et al and knew that the WFPB was truly the best choice for healthy eating. I tried it briefly but was unable to stick to the plan. These… Read More/Comment “Support and Sustainability”

Sandra S.
July 15, 2015

Dorothy B.

Back in 2012 after six months of talking with a naturopath doctor finally convinced me to do HCG injections. My gut was telling me this wasn’t right but she was convincing and finally I said okay. I weighed 379 pounds. I took the injections for six weeks and lost 40 pounds. After three weeks of… Read More/Comment “Dorothy B.”

Dorothy B.
July 10, 2015

Pattye O

I was 60-70% PD from November – May 10. I definitely felt some benefits – feeling better and SLOWLY losing a few pounds. May 11 was my 100% PD first day. Today I am down 20 (yes, TWENTY) pounds in 2 months. I feel so much better. I am more active than I have been… Read More/Comment “Pattye O”

Pattye O
July 10, 2015

Diane O.


My whole life I’ve fought a weight problem. My highest was 243 in 2003. I’ve been on so many programs and diets. Joined gyms and bought workout videos. I could lose weight but I could not seem to stay with the program to keep it off. About four years ago I finally made it to… Read More/Comment “Diane O.”

June 22, 2015


I am really excited that I am finally able to fit into some of my older dresses. Thanks to PD, I was able to shed 33 lbs. A special thanks to Jacquelyn for introducing me to this wonderful group, and for being a great inspiration to me. Thanks to Julie for sharing these delicious recipes… Read More/Comment “Bridgette”

June 21, 2015

Kristie C.

I just wanted to encourage you if I can! Just a little over 2 years ago I was 300 lbs! I was super depressed and was thinking I would be overweight forever! I never saw the light at the end of the tunnel! I tried so many diets and failed! I may have lost some… Read More/Comment “Kristie C.”

Kristie C.
May 28, 2015

Theresa S.

I started writing about my 30 days and this is a quick summary of my first 30 days on Protective Diet. On the morning of April 19th I checked my email and came across an email from Julie Marie with Protective Diet. I don’t remember subscribing to emails through her website but it’s possible I… Read More/Comment “Theresa S.”

Theresa S.
May 27, 2015

Jessica D.

I completed my first 30 days yesterday. Although Julie encourages us to throw away the scale, I’m not yet ready to part with it. I do recognize however that I’ve given it far too much power in the past, letting it determine the type of day/week I’m going to have and my confidence in my… Read More/Comment “Jessica D.”

Jessica D.
May 26, 2015

Results are typical on a Protective Diet Kat’s fibromyalgia testimonial

I am a see it to believe it kind of girl. Protective Diet has proven itself hands down. The most amazing thing is that my skin has started healing and I have not had a migraine since changing to PD. My skin from psoriasis kept me from many activities. I used to have to take… Read More/Comment “Results are typical on a Protective Diet Kat’s fibromyalgia testimonial”

April 13, 2015

Jacquelyn B.


50/50 Challenge is over but I will continue. I am 20 lbs below the goal Weight Watchers set for me before I started Protective Diet. I have shed 68 lbs in 11 months. When I visualized being thin, I never saw myself going from size 22 to baggy size 8! Prior to this challenge my… Read More/Comment “Jacquelyn B.”

Jacquelyn B.
April 12, 2015

Diabetic recovery & improved blood sugar

The high number was taken back when I found out I had Type 2 diabetes December 17th of 2012… The low number I took recently during detox on PD… My doctor said if my numbers are under a hundred when I wake up in the morning…. then I can stop taking my medication. April 8th… Read More/Comment “Diabetic recovery & improved blood sugar”

Jonathan K
April 7, 2015

Stephen T


August, 2011 had me utter the word, “vegan” for the first time. After my yearly physical total cholesterol had climbed to 264 mg/dL and would continue to increase unless I took preventive measures. My family physician prescribed me a statin, which was told would help “control” my TC but not reverse the condition. Weeks later… Read More/Comment “Stephen T”

Stephen S. T
April 1, 2015

Results are typical on a Protective Diet

My journey on the Protective Diet has been so eye-opening. I remember finding Protective Diet when I did a search for vegan recipes. I had been on another well-known plant-based diet off and on for over a decade, but my weight was still up and down. It took me a year and a half to… Read More/Comment “Results are typical on a Protective Diet”

Sheree B.
March 12, 2015

never has losing weight been so easy

15 pounds in 36 days! Never have I had such success losing weight – and never has losing weight been so easy or so pleasant. I know things will slow down as I get closer to my correct weight, but what a great feeling this is. Julie Marie Christensen you sure are a good… Read More/Comment “never has losing weight been so easy”

Heidi F
March 16, 2014

Results are typical on a Protective Diet

Just a little story…… I had a yearly Doctor appt last week. Apparently at one time, (when I weighed 204 lbs!!)they snapped a photo of me sitting in the chair from the iPad they use. The nurse took me back to the room and said apparently you have been up to something because you look… Read More/Comment “Results are typical on a Protective Diet”

Barb B.
November 13, 2012

Plant-Based Nutritional Intervention Results are typical

I am 42 years old and I am sharing BIKINI pictures for my Before & Afters. When I started PD, I looked like the first bikini picture. I was hovering around 155 lbs and thought I looked pretty good. Since learning in depth about avoiding all animal products, oil, nuts, sugar, coffee, and FOOD ADDITIVES,… Read More/Comment “Plant-Based Nutritional Intervention Results are typical”

Jennifer P
April 3, 2012

Results are typical on a Protective Diet

Amy Before-After

On PD I have reached all of my health goals. I am free of my excess weight. I’m off all meds. I’m alert & happy. I’m active and physically strong. I sleep well. I’m pain-free. My body and mind are healed from the constant thoughts of weight, diet & food addictions. I eat delicious food,… Read More/Comment “Results are typical on a Protective Diet”

Amy M
April 3, 2012

Results are typical on a Protective Diet

I have lost over 12in around my waist, moved my belt over 7 loops and clothes I never thought I’d ever wear again are too big. I thought I was a good cook but now I am an expert. When I’m tired from work and the last thing I want to do is cook, I… Read More/Comment “Results are typical on a Protective Diet”

Marci R
April 3, 2012

Plant-Based Nutritional Intervention Results are typical on a Protective Diet Maria’s Testimonial


Three Years, 125lb GONE!! Three years have passed since I started a whole food, plant-based diet. I have lost a total of 125lb. The best part of all this is that my health has improved! I have gone from a size 24 to a size 6. My start weight was apx 265lb and now it’s… Read More/Comment “Plant-Based Nutritional Intervention Results are typical on a Protective Diet Maria’s Testimonial”

Maria A
April 3, 2012

Plant-Based Nutritional Intervention Results

When I started practicing a Protective Diet I quit the gym due to lack of time. The weight fell off and I could eat all the starches I adored. Sometimes I pinch myself to see if this is a dream. I’m not in the gym, I’m not counting calories and I eat until I’m full… Read More/Comment “Plant-Based Nutritional Intervention Results”

Julie Marie Christensen
April 3, 2012

Amy M.

My weight has been a lifelong struggle & I was up to 246 lbs at one point. I’ve tried every diet and exercise program available. I lost a lot of weight & health following a low-carb diet. I became a Type II Diabetic with High Cholesterol, High Blood Pressure, severe Reflux, stomach ulcers, adrenal and… Read More/Comment “Amy M.”

Amy M
January 29, 2012

Denise N.

I have weighed close to a quarter ton at my heaviest and have lost 213 pounds, over half of my body weight! I know that I will keep off the weight and allow my body to heal itself from all of the abuse I put it through because I am following a Protective Diet. A… Read More/Comment “Denise N.”

Denise N.
January 28, 2012

Jennifer P.

I wanted to let you know about a website, eating plan, and support group that is AMAZING! Julie and Jerry Christensen have created Protective Diet (PD) (protectivediet.com). This low fat plant based program has helped me to shed the most difficult to lose last pounds. I lost 25 pounds easily in 5 months before my… Read More/Comment “Jennifer P.”

Jennifer P
January 27, 2012

Kristie C.

Let me start out by saying I was a mess! I was depressed! Didn’t want to go anywhere! Every piece of clothing I had was baggie and ugly!I had it because I was limited on what I could buy to cover my 300 lbs body! I was just so miserable! I tried for years to… Read More/Comment “Kristie C.”

Kristie C.
January 26, 2012

Marci R.

Since Aug ’13 Protective Diet (PD) has saved my life. PD has made it fun and easy to prepare food. Even when I’m tired, I get such joy from making dinner and lunch for the next day. My grocery bills have dropped $40/week. I especially like that PD is environmentally amazing: no palm oil, less… Read More/Comment “Marci R.”

Marci R.
January 25, 2012

Maria A.

I have lost 75lbs since starting the Protective Diet (PD) in July ‘13. My total weight loss has been 100Lb since becoming vegan in Nov. ‘12. Before PD I was pre-diabetic, had a high liver count, high cholesterol and acid reflex. I was on medicine for acid reflex and my doctor wanted to put me… Read More/Comment “Maria A.”

Maria A.
January 24, 2012

Sheree B.

I weighed around 300 lbs for over 30 yrs. In that time, I tried every diet, from Adkins to Weight Watchers, with little success. 12 yrs ago I went vegan thinking that would be my answer. Sadly, I was still obese, tired, sick and depressed. In ‘13 I received bad results from my blood test.… Read More/Comment “Sheree B.”

Sheree B.
January 23, 2012


I’ve been following the Protective Diet for 90 days! I’ve stuck with the plan 100%, and it’s paying off. I want to say that it’s been effortless, but that isn’t true. I’ve made the effort to plan my meals, to make sure that I always have the ingredients I need at home, and to take… Read More/Comment “Denise”

January 22, 2012

Karla F.

December 1, 2013 I found Protective Diet after someone in another Facebook plant based diet group mentioned it. I went immediately to the website and I just knew it was for me. I joined PD-Ed right away and started eating a Protective Diet. I’ve never looked back. I’ve struggled with my weight my entire life.… Read More/Comment “Karla F.”

Karla F.
January 21, 2012

Lori R

The Protective Diet plan is so wonderful. Between the live class, the website and the interactive group on Face book, it’s like 24/7 support. Even though it can be a little hard in the beginning giving up foods you are used to or always felt were healthy it doesn’t take long to become a believer… Read More/Comment “Lori R”

Lori R
January 20, 2012

Jennifer P.

I am loving Protective Diet Ed! I have been studying plant based nutrition for about 2 years already, but I have learned so much from Julie. Her courses taught me about food additives and helped me make my McDougall style plant based diet even HEALTHIER! I feel great and continue to lose weight and have… Read More/Comment “Jennifer P.”

Jennifer P
January 19, 2012

Maria A

November of 2012 a co-worker told me about Forks Over Knives video. Her doctor had told her that she should watch it and give it a try. I had never thought about becoming vegan. I grew up on a dairy farm. Meat, potatoes and cheese were basic staples growing up. I loved my meat and… Read More/Comment “Maria A”

Maria A
January 18, 2012

Deanna R.

I was really scared to go cold turkey with the no oil no sugar thing, but I had been “trying” for months with no success!! Reading many of your progress stories and Facebook posts gave me the courage to DO IT!! OMG, I am SO, SO glad that I did! The first few days were… Read More/Comment “Deanna R.”

Deanna R
January 17, 2012

Sheree B.

Things are definitely happening after 18 days on PD. I love raisin bread and after finding out at our last PD-Ed class that Ezechiel brand is ok, my sister bought me some. I toasted it tonight and was so excited until I bit into it. Oh my gosh! It is so, so, sweet! I told… Read More/Comment “Sheree B.”

Sheree B.
January 16, 2012

Kristie C.

PD has changed my life forever! There are so many amazing recipes that keep me on track:) I have done so many diets and joined different plans. I couldn’t stick with them long term. I always gave up! I have been on PD for over 6 months now;) All my blood work is perfect! I… Read More/Comment “Kristie C.”

Kristie C.
January 15, 2012

Kacey M

Julie, I think you are truly an inspiration. All of your recipes are so simple, yet so delicious! You have helped me to realize the benefits of a vegan diet and begin on my own health journey. So THANK… Read More/Comment “Kacey M”

Kacey M
January 14, 2012

Shannon O.

Hi Julie! I hope you have a wonderful blessed Thanksgiving! I wanted to take a moment and thank you for your support, encouragement and inspiration during my journey to wellness. I cooked my first vegan Thanksgiving and it turned out marvelous! FYI a homemade cranberry relish it was so so yummy! When we first spoke… Read More/Comment “Shannon O.”

Shannon O
January 13, 2012

Kathryn J

I can’t thank you enough Julie for all of the information you have given me. I am even more excited about my decision to eat a plant-based diet. It just feels like the best thing I have done for myself in a very long time. I made Julie’s Creamy Potato and Kale Soup along with… Read More/Comment “Kathryn J”

Kathryn J
January 12, 2012

Barb B

I began my PD journey March 1, 2014. It all started because my FB friend posted a food picture from Julie’s website protectivediet.com. Since starting protective diet, I have lost a total of 62 lbs in a little over 9 months! I didn’t really have any health problems before starting my new plant based diet… Read More/Comment “Barb B”

Barb B.
January 11, 2012

Tina C.

My note from my husband last night: “Dinner last night was great!” I tried two recipes last night from Protective Diet. I’ve never thought nonfat could taste so good! Kids would love these nachos! Inexpensive and turned out great! Un-Fried Black beans and Not Yo Cheeze Sauce with Baked Tortilla… Read More/Comment “Tina C.”

Tina C.
January 10, 2012

Liz R

I was just going to reach out to you as I just received my blood test results……total cholesterol is 170 (down from 245)!!!!!!! Everything that was off last time (Vitamin D & Iron ) is all normal as well. I seriously wanted to have a party, I was so excited! My parents are so proud… Read More/Comment “Liz R”

Liz R.
January 9, 2012

Edith H.

My Hubby loved this soup (Creamy Potato and Kale) He said It’s a… Read More/Comment “Edith H.”

Edith H.
January 8, 2012

Jackie J.

I want to thank you for all that you have taught me. The confidence and information you taught me is priceless. I am a new women, with a second chance at life! I’m down 25 pounds, 50 points on my cholesterol and feeling like a million bucks. I now cook for myself and pack my… Read More/Comment “Jackie J.”

Jackie J,
January 7, 2012

Teri S.

Ok, So the No Fat – Not Yo Cheeze Sauce was insanely good! I made the home made tortilla chips too. I highly recommend this and Protective… Read More/Comment “Teri S.”

Teri S
January 6, 2012

Ted M.

Julie, I want to say the creamy tomato sauce was delicious! Really enjoy your videos. Thank… Read More/Comment “Ted M.”

Ted M
January 5, 2012

Shannon O.

Julie, I have to take a moment to thank you. I currently have your spinach lasagna in the oven baking and I am looking forward to dinner tonight! I changed the way I have been eating a few months ago but I have yet to actually cook an actual recipe. I have never eaten tofu… Read More/Comment “Shannon O.”

Shannon O
January 4, 2012

Steven M.

“This is just TOO MUCH!!! Your photos are SO APPETIZING!!! I have chewed part of my screen off trying to taste them. Beautiful stuff! My wife has promised to start making some of these recipes (as a result of which I may never leave the house!). In case I do venture outdoors, please provide guidance… Read More/Comment “Steven M.”

Steven M.
January 3, 2012

Lori S.

Thanks Julie, I feel so inspired to be the very best I can be; finally for the first time in my life, plant strong and healthy! I appreciate you, Kath and Dr. Esselstyn’s kind words and great advice. Your recipes are so easy, delicious and fun to make. Again, thanks so much Julie. It’s interesting… Read More/Comment “Lori S.”

Lori S.
January 2, 2012

Kathryn J.

I have made almost all of Julie’s recipes, every single one was delicious and easy to make. I just made the mushroom gravy for the first time on Tuesday ( I can’t believe I waited so long to make it ) one of my favorites for sure! Not only has she provided all of these… Read More/Comment “Kathryn J.”

Kathryn J
January 1, 2012


    1. I’m not a big fan of non stick cookware, but you should have no problem with oil free pancakes on a non stick pan. Make sure your pan is hot and remember the first one never turns out well. It’s for the cook

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