Cheezy Scalloped Potatoes Free PD Recipe & Cooking Video


The way to a man’s heart is with potatoes. These creamy, cheezy potatoes will leave any man begging for seconds. I shared a pan of these at a potluck and they were a huge hit. All the gentlemen were following me around asking if I was sure their wives had the recipe. This hearty potato casserole is a family-style winner for dinner.

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    Comments (24)

    1. posted by huclkengirl on May 16, 2013

      I made this with my garlic greens tonight and it sure was amazing! loved it! Will make this more often for sure!

      Kristie Clark

    2. posted by PlantCook on June 4, 2013

      This is my husband’s absolute favorite and makes a great dish for potluck dinners.

    3. posted by Cheri Gillean on June 20, 2013

      This sounds amazing!! I am going to have to try this very soon. I have just recently came to a plant based diet after having done a high protein, low carb diet for several years. I have missed potatoes and am soooo pleased that I can eat them now. Thank you for sharing your wonderful recipes. Can’t wait to try some of them.

    4. posted by Vegan Girl on June 26, 2013

      Yum! This dish was absolutely delicious. My family found it hard to believe that this potato casserole was healthy because it tasted so good. 🙂

    5. posted by Denise on July 16, 2013

      My husband, and even my kids, who usually won’t touch my food, loved this and asked for seconds!

    6. posted by PlantstronginTEXAS on August 25, 2013

      These are the best scalloped potatoes I have ever tasted!!! Seriously… They are delicious!!!

    7. posted by lori h on August 27, 2013

      These potatoes are amazing. One of my favorite recipes. I decided to try this exact recipe for breakfast using hash browns instead of the scalloped cut. It turned out amazing.

    8. posted by Jmglackin on November 25, 2013

      I love this recipe! It was one of the first PD recipes I tried and was not disappointed. The flavor is awesome and the sauce is so creamy and really does taste “cheezy”. My 6 year old daughter has a milk allergy and really misses cheesy meals and she really enjoyed this. The one thing that I should have done differently is place a baking sheet on the rack below it when I baked it bc my bubbled over into my oven.

    9. posted by Penny on December 1, 2013

      I’ve been eating vegan for almost 6 months and have been trying so many different recipes to get my husband to eat what I’m eating and he said these were good scalloped potatoes considering they don’t have any cheese in them as he went for a 2nd helping! I’ll take that as a compliment. 🙂

    10. posted by newhopeden on January 4, 2014

      Love this! I actually like making it with frozen hashbrowns too. If you’ve ever had cracker barrel’s cheesy hashbrown dish, it tastes kind of like it! Mix this with the green been casserole and I’m in heaven!

    11. posted by Jessica1369 on July 29, 2014

      I can’t believe how amazing this sauce on the potatoes tastes. These are so yummy and easy to make. Definitely a staple dish in our household now. I can’t wait for a BBQ or potluck so I can try them out on my friends and family.

    12. posted by BuffyChapman on August 19, 2014

      So I made this for dinner last night. First let me say that in my journey to eat and feed my family a healthier diet, I have not always been the best chef and we have had some pretty horrible and inedible meals. When my husband made his way back to the pan last night for seconds he wanted to know who had made dinner because he didn’t believe I had made it, LOL!! He was joking of course, but they all thought it was great! My 15yo plant-based resistant daughter took leftovers to school for lunch today. I have a feeling there will be frequent requests for this dish!!

    13. posted by janet doe on August 26, 2014

      What is the purpose of using parchment paper to cover? Just wondering if this is necessary.

      • posted by Julie Marie on August 27, 2014

        It is to keep the potatoes from touching the aluminum foil. It can be skipped.

    14. posted by estee hammer on September 22, 2014

      I served these to my 13 year old son and his friend not saying a word and they both gobbled them down. Hubby loved them and said it tasted like it had a stick of butter in it.

    15. posted by teri sundine on February 24, 2015

      Can you use almond milk in place of the soymilk?

    16. posted by teri sundine on February 25, 2015

      thanks Julie…I only had the almond milk at home and made half the recipe. WOW….I was very hesitant with this recipe but it came out awesome. I did use real onions because my dried onion is at our new house and I am at the old one. This was amazing and made a whole 9×13 pan with just the half recipe. Its only my hubby and I but I love leftovers and he not so much. I eat anything….thanks…

    17. posted by anewleaf on June 9, 2015

      I have some dehydrated potato slices,( similar to what come in packaged scalloped potato mixes but with non of the SAD junk) but they don’t cook tender very well. Can these be cooked up in your recipe, maybe using a pressure cooker?

    18. posted by chitownjayzgirl on July 1, 2015

      This was the first PD entrée that I made – it was so good & so easy! I would definitely recommend putting a pan under the casserole dish because mine spilled over & I ended up making more sauce but it’s so good – definitely a family favorite!!

    19. posted by Jane Swart on November 10, 2015

      This was great. I live alone so the first time I made it it was way too much for me. When I made it the second time I halved the amount of potatoes I used but used the same amount of sauce as the recipe calls for and it was divine!

    20. posted by angela sorrentino on March 2, 2018

      This is an excellent dish to make for PDers and SAD eaters. Always a crowd pleaser.

    21. posted by diane ogdon on November 1, 2018

      Love this dish. Easy to make and so creamy good! Give it a try.

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