Pasta e Ceci Stew (pronounced pasta e chech-ie) Premium PD Recipe

This classic Roman chickpea soup eats like a stew. It is traditionally prepared all in one pot, simmered, and served with rustic bread. Pasta e Ceci lovers have strong opinions about stirring in fresh escarole, how it must be prepared in one pot, and whether it is brothy or not. This version is more stew than a soup, but it can be loosened up with additional water if desired. Keeping us healthy and food history alive is important, so I thoughtfully gave this all-in-one comforting classic an all around performance upgrade. With modern appliances, frugality, and ingredient quality focus we can skip canned beans and save with dried organic chickpeas putting our Instant Pots to good use. Dried pasta is tossed into the aromatic tomato-garlic-rosemary infused broth. Escarole leaves are folded in just before serving to add nitric oxide-boosting protection. This heart-healthy, Italian seasoned stew will warm your heart with improved blood flow this winter on a Protective Diet.


  1. Finally got to this recipe. What a delicious and hearty soup! The flavor is amazing and the escarole is the perfect green to add. Reminds me of my grandma Anna’s soup. Thanks Julie Marie for bringing it!

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