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The Protective Diet is a diet that promotes optimal health and protection from disease. I developed it over a decade of studying nutritional research, formal education, practical studies and testing along with countless development hours in the Protective Diet Test Kitchen to perfect food satisfaction. The driving force was to create a way to reverse my own personal struggle with disease and obesity that was sustainable, affordable and enjoyable. If you would like to learn more about my successful journey to optimal health, click on Julie Marie in the FAQ menu.

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Apple Oat Muffins - ©
Gluten Free Apple Oat Breakfast Muffins Free PD Recipe These breakfast muffins are gluten free and a delicious alternative way to easily eat your oats. They freeze and defrost beautifully, making them a perfect bake ahead grab and go breakfast option. Eliminating sugar, eggs and oil out of your diet will result in outstanding physical side effects. Get started today for a healthier tomorrow … american
Popcorn - ©
Popcorn Free PD Recipe This whole grain treat is a no-brainer, quick to make, and inexpensive. Pick up an air popper or use a dry pot on the stove. If you have children, invest in an air popper. From toddlers to teens, they all love it and will come running when they hear it turn on. Over time, your … american
Veggie Chili - ©
Veggie Chili Free PD Recipe This is a classic Protective Diet starter recipe, perfect for beginners or young chefs. Invest fifteen minutes in the morning and toss the ingredients into the slow cooker, switch it on and arrive home to be greeted with the delicious aroma of the Southwest. There’s nothing better than arriving home to a hot pot of … southwestern
Tostadas - ©
Tostadas Free PD Recipe These are easy to make, colorful, and work well for a party or a weeknight meal. Kids love to help layer them up and choose their toppings. Save hundreds of calories with this baked plant-based nutrient dense delicious Protective Diet version. mexican
Red Enchiladas Free PD Recipe
Red Enchiladas Free PD Recipe These authentic red enchiladas are like nothing you’ve ever tasted – well, unless you’re Mexican. I was lucky enough to learn this sauce recipe from a PD Workshop student while I was converting some of her mother’s traditional favorites to fit a Protective Diet. She laughed when I was under the impression red enchilada sauce … mexican
Fresh Tamato Salsa - ©
Fresh Tomato Salsa Free PD Recipe Fresh Tomato Salsa is a quick prep recipe using canned or boxed tomatoes. It’s perfect for the winter months when fresh tomatoes aren’t at their peak and fresh salsa is calling you. Four fresh ingredients, with just five minutes to prepare, and you will have salsa that blows away the overpriced shelved jarred versions. mexican
Confetti Kale Salad - ©
Confetti Kale Salad Free PD Recipe When we chew dark leafy greens we produce nitric oxide. This promotes our endothelium, the foundation of our immune system. Nitric oxide is a powerful vasodilator and improves our blood flow naturally. Both cooked and raw kale will improve blood flow. This simple raw salad option will help you slip in these powerful green leafy … american
Guiltless Baked Mac n Cheeze - ©
Guiltless Baked Mac and Cheese Free PD Recipe & Cooking Video Kids love this hot and creamy comfort food favorite. Adults can enjoy Guiltless Baked Mac n Cheeze, knowing it is free of all the fat found in the original. The simple breaded topping lends this casserole-style dish a perfect down home finish. This recipe will become a regular weeknight request as you eat your way … american
Salsa Verde - ©
Salsa Verde Free PD Recipe & Cooking Video Authentic green salsa is made deliciously simple with this easy recipe. The bright flavor of the tomatillo is something I’m so grateful to have been introduced to by my friend and student Eve. She has taught me her knowledge of Mexican ingredients and flavors that she learned from her mother and I’m passing all the … mexican
Jalapeno Corn Relish - ©
Jalapeño Corn Relish Free PD Recipe This is a copy of the corn relish served at a very popular burrito restaurant. It is identical and simple to make at home to top PD Beef-less Tacos, layer on PD Loaded Nachos or add spicy sweetness to your 50/50 Protective Diet Burrito Bowls. mexican
Roasted Squash Soup - ©
Roasted Squash Soup with Smoked Paprika Free PD Recipe This is a simple blended soup with roasted smoky warm flavors of ground cumin and paprika. It hits the spot when squash is in season and there’s a chill in the air. Roasting the squash to a golden color adds a rich sweet flavor. It also gives you a reason to warm up the kitchen … american
Not-Yo-Cheeze Sauce - ©
No Fat Not-Yo Cheeze Sauce Free PD Recipe This is a classic Protective Diet recipe that amazes me with its perfect texture and spicy flavor every time I make it. It’s a perfect nacho topper, and a fabulous sauce for cooked veggies or Short Cut Potatoes. Also a great spread for faux grilled cheeze. It reminds me of the nacho cheese I grew … american
Creamy Italian Dressing - ©
Creamy Italian Dressing Free PD Recipe Creamy Italian Dressing is rich with Parmigiano-Reggiano flavor without the fat, dairy and heavy price tag. This plant-based full-bodied dressing is a game changer when it comes to salad satisfaction. italian
Spinach Dip - ©
Spinach Dip Free PD Recipe This is an old school 80’s style dip with a Protective Diet makeover. It has all the creaminess and soup mix flavor of the original party favorite without any of the fat or MSG. Do your friends a favor and serve this at your next party. They will never know it isn’t the full fat … american
Southwestern Ranch Dressing - ©
Southwestern Ranch Dressing Free PD Recipe This spicy southwestern style salad dressing has a light creamy base. Chia seeds thicken the plant-based milk to dress your salad without the run-off challenge of oil free dressings. american
Storing Herbs
Storing Herbs
Red Lentils with Spinach and Roasted Garlic - ©
Red Lentils with Spinach and Roasted Garlic Free PD Recipe This hearty red lentil dish is rich with roasted garlic flavor. It’s one of my favorite throw together dishes when I have a bulb of Roasted Garlic on hand. If you are new to cooking lentils, this recipe will give you a perfect introduction. american
Edamame - ©
Edamame Free PD Recipe I was first introduced to these little warm fuzzy pods in a Japanese restaurant. I fell in love with the ritual of the hot finger towel to wash up with before I began the ritual of enjoying these tender little green beans. Serve them up at your next party in place of salty high fat … asian
Tzatziki Sauce Featured Image - ©
Tzatziki Sauce Free PD Recipe This classic creamy garlic Greek condiment with fresh cucumber flavor is traditionally layered on Gyro Sandwiches. Enjoy Protective Diet’s version that has fooled many into thinking it was the full fat original. Scoop it up with Homemade Pita Chips or layer it on PD Soft Pocket Bread filled with Protective Diet’s top rated recipe for … greek
Three Bean Salad - ©
Three Bean Salad Free PD Recipe This deli classic delivers all of the flavor without any of the oil and sugar of the original. Perfect served as a BBQ side dish, or pack it up as a delicious fast-prep work lunch. american
Detoxifying Red Lentil Salad - ©
Detoxifying Red Lentil Salad Free PD Recipe I created this recipe for a friend who was always going to extremes with her diet. On the weekend she indulged in fine dining and wine pairings followed by dessert and after dinner drinks. By Monday her body screamed DETOX PLEASE. She would follow up her binge and bender with an extreme green juice only … american
Baked Ziti Featured Image - ©
Baked Ziti Free PD Recipe Kids love this crowd-pleasing pasta bake and so will the chef. It’s authentic in taste and looks just like the real deal. Get ahead of meal time on busy days and prepare this family style dinner a day or two in advance. All you’ll have left to do is pop it in the oven, bake … italian
Eggplant Parm-a-non - ©
Eggplant Parm-a-non Free PD Recipe This flavorful version with crispy baked breading is so simple to prepare. The texture and taste is surprisingly better than traditional eggplant parm, without the empty calories of fat and oil. You’ll never go back to frying eggplant after making this recipe and experiencing the delicious flavors and ease of preparation. italian
Roasted Squash - ©
Roasted Squash Free PD Recipe This is the easiest way to prepare squash. This method builds sweet roasted flavor with very little preparation and no peeling. Enjoy it straight out of the bowl nature provided or blend it up in Roasted Squash Soup , No Fat Not-Yo Cheeze Sauce or for an Indian dinner of Roasted Squash Curry. american
Fat Free Alfredo Sauce - ©
Fat Free Fredo Pasta Sauce Free PD Recipe & Cooking Video This rich, garlicky cream sauce has got it going on! It has been reviewed as restaurant quality. The best part is it’s simple to prepare and ready in less time than it takes to boil water for pasta. This is a perfect dish for your next fancy dinner party or served up family-style on a … italian
Zucchini Bread - ©
Zucchini Bread Free PD Recipe This satisfyingly simple sugar free health bread recipe is a perfect treat served with tea or for breakfast. This guilt free recipe has been created for you to enjoy anytime you are hungry while practicing a Protective Diet. american
Asain Style Kale - ©
Asian Style Kale Free PD Recipe & Cooking Video Kale lowers blood pressure, improves blood flow, shortens muscle recovery time, and reduces our risk of disease. The only problem with this miracle-leafy-green-answer to-optimal-health is that most people lock their lips at the thought of eating it. If you are steaming kale and struggling just getting it down the hatch, I have a resolution. This … asian
Potato Pancakes Featured Image - ©
Potato Pancakes Free PD Recipe I have fond memories of waking up to my mom’s potato pancakes topped with applesauce. She and I worked together to give them a Protective Diet makeover. We removed the oil and eggs and held them together using a burger press. Top these golden pancakes with applesauce and homemade dairy free sour cream or spice … german
Roasted Brocoli with Lemon - ©
Roasted Broccoli with Lemon Free PD Recipe This recipe is so deliciously simple and the finish of lemon brightens up this veggie with a zing of fresh flavor. american
Zuchini Sticks - ©
Unfried Zucchini Sticks Free PD Recipe These are a great starter to any meal or to serve as an indulgent tasting snack that is nutrient dense and surprisingly good for you. You will be impressed at how easy they are to prepare. american
Mercury Free Tuna Sandwich - ©
Mock “Tuna” Salad Free PD Recipe This mock tuna salad was created to satisfy the health and environmentally conscious sandwich lover. Remove the toxic contaminates from your tuna sandwich and help save our over-fished seas. This recipe is sure to please with all the texture and flavor of traditional tuna salad without the fat, toxic fish and cholesterol. american
mango island dressing - ©
Mango Island Salad Dressing Free PD Recipe Dress your salad with the bright tropical sweet and spicy flavors of mango, lime and chiles. american
Chia Seed Bean Burger - ©
Chia Seed Black Bean Burgers Free PD Recipe This recipe produces six thick, hearty and flavorful burgers. The chia seeds make them firm and hold them together. These trump store bought veggie burgers by eliminating oils, eggs and chemical food additives. Chia Seed Bean Burgers are so delicious it’s hard to resist eating them raw when forming the patties. american
Szechuan Green Beans - ©
Spicy Szechuan Green Beans Free PD Recipe and Cooking Video Protective Diet’s Spicy Szechuan is a takeout lover’s dream come true. Dark and rich garlic gravy laced with chiles tossed with fresh green beans and rice noodles is a gluten and oil free dish that will satisfy cravings for takeout. asian
Fruit Salad - ©
Winter Fruit Salad Free PD Recipe Learn how to supreme citrus fruit to increase you and your family’s intake of powerful grab and go antioxidants this winter with prepared seasonal fruit cups or jars. Finish your holiday feast or your next dinner party with a prep-ahead colorful, light and refreshing palate cleansing dessert your guests will remember. american
BBQ-Sauce - ©
J&J’s Smoky BBQ Sauce Free PD Recipe This sauce is free of sugar and food additives found in traditional BBQ sauces. It is smoky with a hint of spicy sweetness. american
Spicy Asian Noodle Salad - ©
Spicy Asian Noodle Salad Free PD Recipe This colorful and spicy oil-free naturally sweetened Asian inspired cold noodle salad is a perfect picnic or BBQ dish. asian
Oat Milk - ©
Oat Milk Free PD Recipe Making your own Oat Milk eliminates the additives and sugar found in packaged plant-based milks. It will save you money and trips to the market. It tastes just like oats and has a smooth and thick texture. american
Roasted Squash Curry Free PD Recipe
Roasted Squash Curry Free PD Recipe This flavorful and colorful golden curry is rich with the spicy flavors of India. It incorporates Fall’s bounty of roasted squash for creamy richness without the use of yogurt, cream or fatty coconut milk. Use canned pumpkin to save time and this curry will be ready faster than the time it takes to cook rice. … indian
Croutons - ©
Steak House Croutons Free PD Recipe Turn a simple salad into something awesome with crunchy guilt-free whole grain steak house style croutons. Make a double batch and keep these in an airtight container for fantastic salads all week long. Toss out the chemically seasoned oily packaged ones and eliminate food additives that leave you craving more and more. A salad with … american
Salsa Molcajete Free PD Recipe & Cooking Video
Salsa Molcajete Free PD Recipe & Cooking Video Prepare to become a salsa snob. This recipe is so simple and amazingly delicious you will never buy jarred salsa again. Simple roasted jalapenos and roasted tomatoes give this authentic Mexican salsa roasted sweet and optional traditional spicy flavor. mexican
Fresco Fresco Sauce with Green Burrito - ©
Fresco Sauce Free PD Recipe and Cooking Video Unprocessed meets Protective Diet – Chef AJ and Julie Marie joined together in the Protective Diet Test Kitchen to create a nutrient-dense sauce that will brighten up a Green Burrito, freshly dress a leafy green salad, or give a simple rice bowl some zing. The clean flavors have an exciting finish with the optional addition … american
Oven Roasted Garlic - ©
Oven Roasted Garlic Free PD Recipe When garlic is roasted, it becomes sweet and mild in flavor. Spread Oven-Roasted Garlic on freshly baked hot bread or mash into potatoes. This simple recipe makes a flavorful, immune-boosting, plant-based replacement for butter. italian
Dry Steamed Kale Free PD Recipe
Dry Steamed Kale Free PD Recipe Retain the nutrition and integrity of protective kale, collards, and chard with my one-minute dry steam method using your Instant Pot. With this quick-cooking technique, a small side or a big bowl of perfectly cooked greens make their way into my meals with pleasure. My magical morning healing ritual is to chop our greens into … american
Spicy Oil Free Curry - ©
Spicy Oil Free Curry Free PD Recipe & Cooking Video Curry originated in South and Southeast Asian cuisines. It incorporates complex combinations of spices or herbs, usually including fresh or dried hot chilies. I’m bringing you a classic Indian spiced curry that is filled with traditional ingredients and a bit of heat to make dinner exciting and filled with warming flavors of toasted cumin seeds, … indian
Chipotle Mayo - ©
Chipotle Mayo Free PD Recipe Spicy creamy and perfect to layer on a bean burger, dip a potato wedge in or to top a taco. This Mayo is free of fat and full of spicy flavor. american
Creamy Lemon Herb Dipping Sauce - ©
Creamy Lemon Herb Dipping Sauce Free PD Recipe Enjoy dipping Protective Diet’s plant-based Crabby Cakes into this low calorie lemon-herb sauce american
Frosty Recipe - ©
Frosty Free PD Recipe This chocolaty frozen whipped treat tastes like guilt in a glass, but in reality it’s a healthy dream come true. Start freezing your bananas today and enjoy a Frosty tomorrow. american
Rustic Roasted Tomato and Basil Soup - ©
Rustic Roasted Tomato Basil Soup Free PD Recipe Rustic Roasted Tomato and Basil Soup is the perfect soup for the end of summer when tomatoes and fresh herbs are flavorful and abundant. This recipe will teach you how to add a rich sweetness to your soup with roasted tomatoes. The herbs add a bright finish and take it from simple tomato soup to … american
Mashed Potatoes - ©
Not So Fat So Mashed Potatoes Free PD Recipe These creamy, mashed spuds served with Mushroom Gravy will fill you up and slim you down. Not So Fat So Mashed Potatoes are packed with fiber, protein and vitamin C so why wait for the holidays. Enjoy them weekly a la carte, or with a PD Holiday Loaf and steamed veggies. Your family will be … american
Spicy Green Enchiladas - ©
Spicy Green Enchiladas Free PD Recipe If you love green enchiladas, stop everything and make this recipe! The authentic sauce that covers these rolled pillows of garlic smashed potatoes wrapped in tender corn tortillas is where it’s at. This recipe is so simple, yet this dish has an all day in the kitchen flavor. Allow me to teach you how easy … mexican
Salsa Roja - ©
Salsa Roja Free PD Recipe Simple toasted chile de arbol pods and roasted tomatoes give this salsa deep flavor. Only four ingredients give this authentic salsa all it needs to become a regular recipe in your home. mexican
Hot & Spicy Get Well Soon Soup - ©
Hot & Spicy Get Well Soon Soup Free PD Recipe This Asian style soup is just what you need when you are feeling weak or just in need of a boost. It’s loaded with antioxidants and enough garlic to keep the vampires at bay. The spicy flavors will open your sinuses and make you sweat out the sickies. It’s a quick prep recipe to keep … asian
Guiltless Chocolate Banana Ice Cream - © ProtectiveDiet.comIce Cream - ©
Guiltless Chocolate Banana Ice Cream Free PD Recipe This creamy frozen treat is all of the yum and none of the guilt, while providing nutrients to benefit your health. american
Garden Party Pasta Salad - ©
Garden Party Pasta Salad Free PD Recipe This salad is a bright delight of color and freshness. Always a hit at the party and always enough to go around. Your friends will want the recipe and you will amaze them with its simplicity. They will all be surprised to learn that you saved them hundreds of fat calories with the elimination of … american
Chinese Take-In - ©
Chinese Take In Free PD Recipe This aromatic, brown gravy stir fry is traditionally seasoned with garlic and ginger. After experiencing this health-promoting oil-, sugar- and MSG-free remake, you’ll never suffer the effects of ordering take-out again. Chinese food has a reputation of never filling you up and leaving you hungry again, craving more after an hour or two. The reason … asian
Sour Cream Dream - ©
Sour Cream Dream Free PD Recipe This creamy dairy free topping with tang is just what you need to make your tostadas, loaded nachos, tacos, baked potatoes and veggie chili complete. Top all your Protective Diet favorites with this perfect creamy addition that is nutrient dense and guilt free. american
Storing Turmeric Root
Storing Turmeric Root
Healthy Hottie Sauce - ©
Healthy Hottie Sauce Free PD Recipe Are you hooked on garlic chili sauce? This recipe is a copycat of the red hot garlic-laced Asian sauce. Unlike the original, it’s free of sugar, oil, salt and food additives. This healthy version is loaded with the powerful heat of chile de arbol pods and flavor of garlic. asian
Garlicy Dill Pickles - ©
Garlic Dill Pickles Free PD Recipe Are you a pickle lover? Protective Diet’s refrigerator pickles are low in sodium and free of MSG. I eliminated the typical sugar and corn syrup to provide you with a low calorie crunchy snack. These are quick to prep and made without any heat. Serve them at your next BBQ or pack them up on … american
Pita Chips - ©
Homemade Pita Chips Free PD Recipe These chips reduced my body fat. When I was carrying around my excess fat baggage, I was also known to carry around a bag of Stacy’s Pita Chips. I was hooked on those pita chips until I started baking up my own healthy crispy chips. I managed to cut hundreds of empty fat calories, food … middle-eastern
Loaded Nachos Free PD Recipe
Loaded Nachos Free PD Recipe This is a compilation of my all-time favorite party recipes piled up on my all-time favorite food…Baked Tortilla Chips. Most people have a hard time believing this indulgently beautiful spread of nachos is a Protective Diet option. Recipes like Loaded Nachos are what keep us on track and achieving all our health goals. mexican
Potato Wedges Featured Image - ©
Baked Potato Wedges Free PD Recipe These are one of my favorite snack foods. I bake a few trays at dinner time and enjoy the leftovers packed in my lunch along with a salad and a dipping sauce or mustard. These are a perfect commuter food to tide anyone over. These wedges have assisted many people to drive right past their … american
Lazy Lady Pasta - ©
Lazy Lady One Pot Pasta Free PD Recipe This easy throw together one pot meal is perfect for a weeknight dinner. It uses all pantry staples with the option to add fresh ingredients. You can switch out the fresh veggie ingredients and change it up based on what you have on hand. italian
Cilantro Chili Lime Dressing - ©
Cilantro Chili Lime Dressing Free PD Recipe Toasted chile de arbol offers this dressing a warm spicy flavor with the fresh finish of cilantro and lime. Oil-free and naturally thickened with the fiber of an orange, this dressing is one to pour on heavily to increase the antioxidant value of your salad with the bonus of exciting flavor. american
Garlic Greens Free PD Recipe
Garlic Greens Free PD Recipe Here’s a recipe that is sure to have you enjoying more kale and leafy greens in your diet. Total simplicity and clean flavors make this a dish you can incorporate on the side or as a main course served with brown rice. Top it off with one of Protective Diet’s signature hot sauces and you’ll … american
Dry Browning Technique
Dry Browning Technique
Cornbread Muffins Featured Image - ©
Jalapeño Cornbread Muffins Free PD Recipe Jalapeño Cornbread Muffins are sure to please everyone with the option to make them spicy or savory and mild. Crumble these whole grain, gluten-free muffins into a bowl of hot Veggie Chili or enjoy them on the side with a salad. These make a perfect take away breakfast and give you the starch based energy … southwestern
Yellow Lentil Soup
Yellow Lentil Soup Free PD Recipe This soup is a remake of my favorite Middle Eastern restaurant’s house soup. It is bright in color and thick and rich, with warm flavors of smoked paprika and cumin. Although it is traditionally called lentil soup, it is made with yellow split peas. I always stock all the simple ingredients for this house favorite … middle-eastern
Mexican Mac-n-Cheeze - ©
Mexican Mac n Cheeze Free PD Recipe This reminds me of Velveeta Shells & Cheese with a kick. Super quick to prepare, this meal tastes like junk food but it’s loaded with the antioxidant power of pumpkin, citrus, chilies, and cilantro-filled with chlorophyll. That little leafy green isn’t just a garnishing flavor addition. It offers protection against DNA mutation by intercepting carcinogens. … southwestern
Chick Pea Cucumber Salad - ©
Chickpea Cucumber Salad Free PD Recipe This Middle Eastern inspired salad stays fresh in the refrigerator and makes healthy lunch packing fast and easy. Top mixed baby greens or chopped romaine to pack up a fresh, colorful and inexpensive meal to go american
Crispy Kale Chips - ©
Crispy Kale Chips Free PD Recipe This is a crunchy way to get those protective greens in your diet. Bake them oil free and easily eliminate hundreds of empty fat calories. Crunch Crunch…Munch Munch… american
Cacao Breakfast Muffins - ©
Cacao Breakfast Muffins Free PD Recipe Help yourself to a few of these rich, dark chocolaty muffins as a perfectly healthy choice for breakfast or to satisfy your cravings during the Protective Diet 30 Day Whole Food Detox and Taste Bud Reprogram. Take note these are low-calorie muffins made of whole grain, health promoting ingredients. Don’t let guilt creep up on … american
Stuff Yourself Stuffing - ©
Stuff Yourself Stuffing Free PD Recipe This traditional stuffing is holiday perfection in a pan, filled with cubes of healthy bread and all the fresh herbs of the season. It is sure to please your family when topped with Protective Diet Mushroom Gravy. american
Greek Salad - ©
Greek Salad Free PD Recipe This fresh salad is even better than my memories of the full fat original. It is complete with easy to make faux feta cheeze. Stuff this into a Protective Diet Soft Pocket Bead and turn this simple salad into a lunchtime favorite. greek
Ketchup - ©
Ketchup Free PD Recipe Kick that sugar laden and additive filled ketchup to the curb. You can make your own that is a healthy addition to your diet. This clean and simple recipe blends up beautifully in a high-speed blender or bullet. Go ahead and top your Chia Seed Burger, double dip your Potato Wedges and smother some Protective … american
Macaroni Salad - ©
Creamy Macaroni Salad Free PD Recipe Creamy Macaroni Salad is a summertime picnic favorite for many. I had to give it a Protective Diet makeover. This version eliminates the fatty mayo and dairy, but isn’t missing the creaminess and flavor of the original. Your friends will never guess it is heart healthy and what you have been eating to slim down … american
House Dressing - ©
House Dressing Free PD Recipe This bright and tangy citrus salad dressing is a house favorite. The fiber of blended oranges replaces the full-bodied texture of oils. american
Jacked Up Pulled Pork Sandwich - ©
Jacked Up Pulled “Pork” Sandwich Free PD Recipe This jacked-up sandwich has it going on! It has all the flavor and texture of traditional pulled pork, minus the fat, cholesterol and sugar of traditional barbecued pulled pork. Layer this slow-cooker special on a Protective Diet Onion Sandwich Roll and top it with some Creamy Coleslaw for an unforgettable plant-based meal american
Chia Seed Jam - ©
Chia Seed Jam Free PD Recipe Think ahead and stir up a batch of deliciously healthy chia seed jam before tucking in at night. Enjoy dressing up your morning oats with a couple spoonfuls or naturally sweeten up a tray of Oven-Baked Pancakes. This sugar-free condiment is a great addition to any Protective Diet breakfast. american
House Mayo - ©
House Mayo Free PD Recipe Replace the fatty oil-filled mayo you’ve been using with this creamy guilt free nutrient dense version. Layer it on a Faux BLT, mix it into Faux Tuna Salad or spoon it on a Protective Diet veggie burger. This easy blend mayo recipe will make your sandwiches complete on a Protective Diet. american
Hummus - ©
Hummus Free PD Recipe This oil-free and tahini-free recipe will assist you in your weight loss progress. It’s high in fiber and nutrient dense with creamy satisfaction. Enjoy it as a spread on fresh corn tortillas, scoop it up with Homemade Pita Chips, or serve as a nutritious dip for your veggies. This recipe is complete with flavor add-in … middle-eastern
Cranberry Clementine Sauce - ©
Cranberry Clementine Sauce Free PD Recipe I must have cranberry sauce to go with Mushroom Gravy and Stuff Yourself Stuffing. Until I came up with this sugar-free version, I was at a loss. Thanksgiving dinner is finally complete. This sauce is not like your typical sugary canned cranberry sauce. It has a slightly tart flavor and it is nutrient dense. Add … american
Popeye's Pantry Pasta
Popeye’s Pantry Pasta Free PD Recipe This is a quick and colorful dinner that is easily assembled with only one fresh ingredient. Keep your Protective Diet Pantry stocked with PD-Ed Lesson #32 and never run into last minute meal planning challenges. Grab a box of spinach and get the pasta water boiling. This recipe is the perfect solution to dinner when … italian
Garlic and Herb Balsamic Dressing - ©
Garlic and Herb Balsamic Vinaigrette Free PD Recipe & Cooking Video This flavorful salad dressing has the body of oil-based vinaigrette due to the addition of chia seeds. It coats the veggies and doesn’t roll off like most oil-free dressings. This makes an excellent dressing for a green leafy salad or a pasta salad. american
Black Bean and Corn Summer Salad - ©
Black Bean and Corn Summer Salad Free PD Recipe This fresh and colorful salad holds up beautifully for several days in the refrigerator. Scoop it up with Baked Tortilla Chips for a quick snack or pack it up for a road trip, camp out, or tailgate. Black Bean and Corn Summer Salad is a quick and easy starch based recipe to add flavor, color … american
Oat Flour Flat Bread - ©
Oat Flour Flatbread Free PD Recipe This easy to make flat bread recipe was created to fill the need for a gluten free bread option that is healthy and free of eggs, oil and additives. If you are challenged with gluten sensitivity or celiac disease, you’ve probably come up short searching for clean bread to make a PD “Tuna” Melt, Pita … american
Breaded-Mushrooms - ©
Breaded Mushrooms Free PD Recipe Crispy and fried looking Protective Diet Breaded Mushrooms are perfect served alongside Breaded Zucchini Sticks and a side of Creamy Ranch. The crispy coating wins over fried food junkies every time. This recipe is surprisingly simple and fun to prepare; complete with a delicious gluten free option. american
Guac-Faux-Mole - ©
Guac-Faux-Mole Free PD Recipe Avocados are being falsely marketed as magical health food to reduce stubborn belly fat and promoted to raise your healthy cholesterol. Why not reduce all of your excess body fat and bring your bad cholesterol down? The most effective way to achieve both is to eliminate all excess fat out of the diet. We receive … mexican
Split Pea Soup - ©
Split Pea Soup Free PD Recipe This recipe was created for all day simmering soup flavor. I nicknamed my electric pressure cooker “The Life Changer.” With this recipe and my Life Changer, I can prepare this soup in 15 minutes and have it on the table within the hour. If you have a few extra minutes in the morning, set it … american
Hydrate to Eliminate Hunger Hormones & Food Cravings
Hydrate to Eliminate Hunger Hormones & Food Cravings
Garden Gazpacho - ©
Garden Gazpacho Free PD Recipe This classic fresh cold tomato soup with an oil-free makeover is perfection served for lunch on a hot summer day. It is bursting with garden fresh flavor and loaded with nutrient density. spanish
Pita Bread - ©
Whole Wheat Pita Bread Free PD Recipe & Cooking Video This deliciously simple preservative-free Old World bread is easy and rewarding to make middle-eastern
Roast-less Pot Roast Free PD Recipe
Roast-less Pot Roast Free PD Recipe The aroma of this dish roasting in the oven brings me right back to my childhood. My mother made the most spectacular pot roast and then I followed along in her footsteps. She taught me her techniques and the importance of browning the onions along with the importance of oven roasting to create depth of … american
BBQ Baked Beans - ©
BBQ Baked Beans Free PD Recipe These BBQ beans have the old fashioned sweet and tangy flavor of a slow cooked summertime favorite. This recipe makes approximately 8 cups (or 2 quarts) to fill a slow cooker. You may wish to cut this recipe in half if you’re not serving it at a party. american
Lentil Stew - ©
Lentil Stew Free PD Recipe This hearty lentil recipe was created for the electric pressure cooker. It’s a nutrient dense one-pot time-saver with smoky warm flavors from cumin seeds and smoked paprika. Prep this stew in the morning, set the time delay, and arrive home to a memorable home-cooked stick to your ribs plant-based meal. american
Steel Cut Oats - ©
Perfect Steel-Cut Oats Free PD Recipe This recipe is designed for morning time efficiency and perfectly cooked oats. Using this method, babysitting a pot on the stove and setting a timer is eliminated. The best part is it is so simple that I can make a fresh serving every day. Jerry has gotten into the routine of starting his oats first … american
Mango Salsa - ©
Mango Salsa Free PD Recipe Fresh diced sweet and spicy Protective Diet Mango Salsa is a great salad topper or delicious scooped up with Baked Tortilla Chips. Its sweet and spicy flavor is tops on my list of summertime salsas. mexican
Spicy Pickles - ©
Spicy Dill Pickles Free PD Recipe Description: These spicy crisp and fresh refrigerator pickles are low in sodium, free of MSG and do not contain corn syrup or any sugar. Perfect for a picnic or a BBQ. They are quick to make and even quicker to disappear. I always have a batch marinating in my refrigerator door. american
Tomato Cream Sauce - ©
Tomato Cream Sauce Over Pasta With Spinach Free PD Recipe & Cooking Video I created this rich, creamy garlic sauce bursting with tomatoes and herbs to fill the void left by my all time favorite pasta dish, Rigatoni a la Vodka, from my favorite old neighborhood Italian restaurant in Chicago. The original dish was a weekly indulgence of mine and contributed to my heart disease and ongoing obesity. … italian
Tabouli - ©
Tabouli Salad Free PD Recipe This popular Middle Eastern salad is loaded with detoxifying parsley and bursting with the bright flavor of fresh lemon. Scoop it up with homemade Baked Pita Chips or stuff it into Soft Pocket Bread along with Protective Diet Hummus. Perfect to prepare ahead for quick and easy weekday lunches. This salad holds up beautifully in … middle-eastern
Faux BLT - ©
Faux BLT Free PD Recipe I gave my favorite summertime sandwich a major makeover. It has the smoky salty flavor of bacon, the creaminess of the mayo, and the freshness of a garden tomato. american
Stuffed Bell Peppers - ©
Stuffed Bell Peppers Free PD Recipe These peppers have old-fashioned home-cooked appeal. The aroma of them baking sends me back to my childhood. As a child, I’d run in the door after school and guess from the delicious smell what my mother was cooking for dinner. Stuffed Peppers were one of my favorite cold-weather oven-baked dinners. I’ve removed all the fat … american
Fruit Jar - ©
Fruit Jars Free PD Recipe These prepared and ready to carry sweet treats are great for breakfasts on the run, lunch boxes, road trips and afternoon snacks. They stay fresh for several days, which will have you prepping once and stocked up with fresh and ready to go snacks for a few days. It’s so nice to wake up in … american
Spinach Lasagna Featured Image - ©
Spinach Lasagna Free PD Recipe & Cooking Video This is a perfect beginner recipe that you will continue to favor throughout the years. I will teach you how to press tofu and make cholesterol free faux ricotta that tastes just like the original. Stack the impressive layers high and double the batch if you are having more than two for dinner. Protective Diet … italian
Perfect Pesto - ©
Perfect Pesto Sauce Free PD Recipe Pesto Pasta has always been a quick and easy summertime favorite of mine. Spring hits and I’m in search of beautiful basil plants to grow on my deck. Over the years my pesto has evolved from a disease promoting classic Parmesan, oil and nut rich sauce to this endothelial promoting flavorful version. My health and … italian
Cheezy Scalloped Potatoes - ©
Cheezy Scalloped Potatoes Free PD Recipe & Cooking Video The way to a man’s heart is with potatoes. These creamy, cheezy potatoes will leave any man begging for seconds. I shared a pan of these at a potluck and they were a huge hit. All the gentlemen were following me around asking if I was sure their wives had the recipe. This hearty potato … american
Pita Pizza Recipe & Cooking Video
Pita Pizza Free PD Recipe & Cooking Video This quick and flavorful weeknight meal is fun and easy to assemble. Make dinner easy and assemble them using pre-made and frozen Protective Diet Soft Pocket Bread or PD gluten-free Oat Flour Flat Bread. Either way the smell of these little pizzas baking will have everyone running to the kitchen. You can have pita pizza … italian
Caesar Salad - ©
Caesar Salad Free PD Recipe Caesar Salad is known for being the most fattening item on a restaurant menu. This slimmed down version only adds to your health with its nutrient dense low calorie dressing. It’s loaded with creamy rich flavor and none of the fat. Did you know this famous salad was invented and served tableside in Tijuana, Mexico? … greek
Sweet Garlic Goodness - ©
Sweet Garlic Goodness Free PD Recipe This dressing is sweet and full-bodied without the use of oil or sugar. It’s unlike typical salad dressings and completely aligned with the practice of a Protective Diet. american
Creamy Ranch Dressing - ©
Creamy Ranch Dressing Free PD Recipe This dairy free Creamy Ranch Dressing keeps getting creamier with every passing month of eating an oil free and nut free plant based diet. If you are initially coming off full fat dressings, this version may taste a bit flat, but after just two and a half weeks our fat receptors in our taste buds … american
Mushroom Gravy - ©
Mushroom Gravy Free PD Recipe & Cooking Video This dark and flavorful gravy will complete your holiday feast or make a simple Sunday dinner something to remember. Ladle it over a Holiday Loaf or dress up your Smashed Potatoes. This gravy is sure to please everyone at your table. american
Blueberry Breakfast Muffins Featured Image - ©
Blueberry Breakfast Muffins Free PD Recipe Blueberry Breakfast Muffins are loaded with fresh blueberries and have a soft cake-like texture. They freeze and defrost beautifully, making them a perfect bake ahead grab and go breakfast option. Eliminating sugar, eggs and oil from your diet will result in outstanding physical side effects. Get started today for a healthier tomorrow with Protective Diet … american
Spicy Asian Dipping Sauce - ©
Spicy Asian Dipping Sauce Free PD Recipe This spicy dipping sauce is a perfect complement to Protective Diet Vietnamese Spring Rolls
Baked Apples - ©
Baked Apples Free PD Recipe I call this recipe ‘cheater apple pie’. It’s fast, easy to prepare, and fills your house with the glorious smell of baked apples and cinnamon. It’s a perfect after-school fall snack or morning oatmeal topper. I prep this recipe in under 10 minutes and allow it to bake it while I’m in the shower. Be … american
Crispy-Baked-Tortilla-Chips - ©
Baked Tortilla Chips Free PD Recipe These crispy and oh-so-satisfying chips will change your life, or at least your waistline. They will save you hundreds of empty fat calories and promote health with the whole grain of corn. These are the perfect introduction to Protective Diet oil-free starch-based snacking and they are kid approved. mexican
Strawberry Poppy Seed Dressing - ©
Strawberry Poppyseed Dressing Free PD Recipe This is a naturally sweet and nutrient dense dressing free of sugar and oil. It will transform a simple spinach salad into a lunch to look forward to. american
Chocolate Chia Seed Pudding - ©
Chocolate Chia Seed Pudding Free PD Recipe This rich dark chocolate pudding will satisfy any chocolate lover’s craving. It hits the spot and it’s healthy enough for breakfast. Blend a batch up tonight and you’ll be loving breakfast tomorrow. Ease your way through sugar detox with a creamy pudding treat that serves a nourishing purpose on a Protective Diet. american
Potato and Kale Soup
Creamy Potato and Kale Soup Free PD Recipe & Cooking Video This soup is a winner with kids and adults alike. Creamy Potato and Kale Soup is satisfyingly rich, and will leave many wondering if it’s fattening. It’s a great way to slip in more greens without any complaints from picky eaters. american
Onion Rings - ©
Onion Rings Free PD Recipe Protective Diet baked onion rings are so crispy and impressive to serve as a snack or starter, but the best part is how easy this oil-free recipe is. They taste so indulgent, and dipping them into one of our many dipping sauce makes you feel like you’re cheating. american
Rice Milk - ©
Rice Milk Free PD Recipe If you have a high-speed blender and a ½ cup of raw rice, you are only a minute away from 3 beautiful white cups of clean, plant-based milk. Save yourself money, eliminate wasted packaging, and save trips to the store buying boxed plant-based milks which are often full of sugar, thickening agents and food additives. american
Southwestern Pasta Toss - ©
Southwestern Pasta Toss Free PD Recipe Pasta and Southwestern flavors are two of my all time favorites. This fast and flavorful toss together pasta dish is hot, hearty, and served up in 30 minutes. This is a simple dinner with the warmth of cumin, spicy heat of the jalapeño and cooled off by the refreshing lime and cilantro. southwestern
Crabby Cakes - ©
Crabby Cakes Free PD Recipe Try these special little delicacies with an oil free plant-based makeover. These cakes are fun to make and, along with their creamy dipping sauce, are free of cholesterol and fat. Crabby Cakes are loaded with the same texture and taste of the original without the expense or impact on our over-fished seas. american
Unfried Black Beans - ©
Unfried Black Beans Free PD Recipe Oil is not needed with so much flavor and natural creaminess in these custom made “re-fried style” beans. These were the key to weight loss for a student who was accustomed to eating a traditional Mexican diet going through my four-week detox workshop. mexican

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Free Class #260 – Day One On A Protective Diet

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Class #190 - Cancer & Angiogenesis Inhibitors
Class #190 – Cancer & Angiogenesis Inhibitors Daily diet to prevent and regress tumor growth
Class #092 - Food Anxiety
Class #092 – Food Anxiety Are you afraid of a Protective Diet’s delicious looking recipes? Some fear and avoid certain recipes because they resemble problematic foods.
Free Class #260 - Day One On a Protective Diet
Free Class #260 – Day One On a Protective Diet This class is your guide to getting started. This program is designed to help you make an immediate and complete shift from a standard diet to a sustainable Protective Diet without feelings of restriction or deprivation. Each Protective Diet recipe incorporates the foods that are going to get you to optimal health. All you have …
Class #044 - Fundamentals
Class #044 – Fundamentals Understanding fundamentals of the Protective Diet, what makes it unique, the 30 Day Detox and taste bud reprogramming
Class #126 - Cancer: The Protective Diet Advantage
Class #126 – Cancer: The Protective Diet Advantage My brain cancer, the endothelium & eating PD in the hospital for a protective advantage
Class #125 - Kitchen Tools - Beginner Essentials
Class #125 – Kitchen Tools – Beginner Essentials This class introduces the kitchen tools considered essential for operating a Protective Diet plant-based kitchen. Also included are suggestions for sourcing and techniques for using these basic tools in Protective Diet recipes. These are the tools you will use on a daily basis, so give them the most convenient locations in your PD kitchen.
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Class #108 – Whole Food Detox and Taste-bud Reprogram This class covers how to view detoxification symptoms as a positive change. You will learn how to speed up detox and pamper your way through this beautiful, healing transition to health. With a focus on what you are starting, rather than what you are stopping, your mind will be happily occupied while your body promotes …
Free Class #268 – Mind Games: Self Awareness & Celebrating Success
Free Class #268 – Mind Games: Self Awareness & Celebrating Success This class introduces the Daily Love Bubble gratitude practice as a way to acknowledge your accomplishments and shout out joy in a community that cheers you on. Everyone experiences mind games at some point on their journey. Learn to prevent self-sabotage and surround yourself with a bubble of gratitude and support to make a joy-focused …
Class #214 – In Flight Travel Meal Made Easy
Class #214 – In Flight Travel Meal Made Easy This is how we pack up for takeoff
Size 22 to a Size 2
Size 22 to a Size 2 Julie Marie shares her weight loss transformation and cancer experience with Dr. Mondo on Facebook Live February 27, 2018
Class #150 - Complimentary Video Coaching Hour
Class #150 – Complimentary Video Coaching Hour Primary topics covered: The Affiliate Program, Instant Pot Operation, Making a Commitment To Optimal Heath
Class #181 - Keep It Out & Keep It Off
Class #181 – Keep It Out & Keep It Off Stress-free optimal health maintenance with a sustainable practice.
Class #187 - The PD Groove
Class #187 – The PD Groove Enjoying the process and maintaining the PD Advantage
Class #206 - Tea Ritual & Spices for Protection
Class #206 – Tea Ritual & Spices for Protection Boosting your protection with every sip and bite on a Protective Diet
Class #155 - Cancer Prevention & Regression on a Protective Diet
Class #155 – Cancer Prevention & Regression on a Protective Diet 4 take action practices, angiogenesis inhibitors and IGF1(Insulin-Like Growth Factor 1)