Perfect Pesto Sauce Free PD Recipe

Pesto Pasta has always been a quick and easy summertime favorite of mine. Spring hits and I’m in search of beautiful basil plants to grow on my deck. Over the years my pesto has evolved from a disease promoting classic Parmesan, oil and nut rich sauce to this endothelial promoting flavorful version. My health and waistline followed in the footsteps of my evolving pesto. One year I removed the cheese, the next the oil, and then I officially tossed the nuts. This recipe celebrates the evolution of Protective Diet though my own personal journey to optimal health.

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  1. You know a recipe is good when your husband wakes up and before your morning kiss says ” Let’s have PD Pesto for dinner!”. And I’m thrilled because it is so fast to make and have on the table. Another winning PD Recipe!

  2. I’ve been practicing a Protective Diet for over a year and a half and just made this for the first time tonight. So simple and so delicious; it instantly became one of my favorite PD recipes!!

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