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Popcorn Free PD Recipe

This whole grain treat is a no-brainer, quick to make, and inexpensive. Pick up an air popper or use a dry pot on the stove. If you have children, invest in an air popper. From toddlers to teens, they all love it and will come running when they hear it turn on. Over time, your taste buds will adjust and air popped corn dressed lightly will become equally as satisfying as movie theater corn.

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  1. My favorite air popped popcorn recipe:
    I use a misto sprayer filled with vinegar:
    I spritz vinegar on popcorn heavily (because I like strong flavor)

    Then sprinkle on lots of nutritional yeast with something like this:

    I usually put the popcorn in a huge bowl but then spritz and sprinkle in small batches as I go so the popcorn doesn’t mush up on me. It’s kinda like a salt and vinegar popcorn with no salt. 🙂

    1. I make individual bowls, sprinkle it on, and lick my fingers, rub them on the bottom of the bowl and repeat lol! I’ve heard of spraying pop corn with water or braggs, but the pop corn shrinks up and gets soggy. I think the finger licking is the best way. If anyone else knows of a better way please tell us!