Roasted Squash Soup with Smoked Paprika Free PD Recipe

Roasted Squash Soup - ©

This is a simple blended soup with roasted smoky warm flavors of ground cumin and paprika. It hits the spot when squash is in season and there’s a chill in the air. Roasting the squash to a golden color adds a rich sweet flavor. It also gives you a reason to warm up the kitchen during the cool change of season.

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    Comments (9)

    1. posted by Laura Zimmerman on December 9, 2013

      This soup is delicious and is a wonderful comfort food! I didn’t have time to wait for the squash to roast in the oven so I just used my microwave and it was done in 10 minutes. I’m going to plan ahead and try roasted squash next time, I bet it will be even better! I blended in my Vitamix and since the squash was already hot it didn’t even need to heat up. This is one of the best soups I’ve ever had. I can’t believe I’ve ever let a butternut squash go to waste not knowing what to do with it. I’ll be making this over and over.

    2. posted by Marie on January 30, 2014

      This came together so fast and easy! I love that it has just a few ingredients too. I cooked the acorn squash in my slower cooker while making a batch of potatoes so it was ready for me to blend up when I got home from work. Such a smooth and creamy soup. This is a keeper.Thank you.

    3. posted by Denise on March 15, 2014

      Such a delicious soup, and so easy to make! I heated it in my Vitamix, and it was the lightest, creamiest soup ever!

    4. posted by Stephen on December 13, 2014

      First time I have ever purchased and used a spaghetti squash. I had some question about baking the squash, Julie quoted 30 minutes and I know my oven usually runs hot, but poking the squash with a fork I didn’t think it had cooked long enough. I decided to leave it in for an additional 15 minutes.

      Once it was done and cooled, I dropped it in the blender and added the rest of the ingredients. Such a hearty flavor with so few ingredients. I was yearning for something more, so I decided to add garlic, ginger and curry to the soup. Take nothing away from the original flavor as the recipe is written.

      Loved the soup, had with with a couscous salad for dinner two nights in a row, about 5 bowls full. I will be making this soup again. Thanks Julie!

    5. posted by Cindy Hall on January 29, 2015

      My husband and I loved this soup tonight. I blended it with my immersion blender, so easy. I also added some cayenne pepper to spice it up a bit. Thanks for another winner!

    6. posted by Victoria Dollenmaier on October 2, 2015

      Julie, this was sooooo simple and YUMMY!!! I will definitely be eating this all winter! I had a bunch of already cubed butternut squash from Costco, so it took me no time to roast it and whip this soup up! And the hubby liked it as well!!! 🙂 Thanks again!

    7. posted by btracey on November 22, 2015

      Great recipe. Very simple but so good! I have had quite a few squash soup recipes over the years but never really liked them until this one, delicious!

    8. posted by Victoria Dollenmaier on January 25, 2019

      Just tried this with acorn squash. I prefer the butternut squash.

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