Cinnamon Toast Crunchies Premium PD Recipe

Sugary cereal packed with chemical additives is one of the most expensive contributors to childhood obesity. Protective Diet has created a cost-cutting, body-slimming, non-GMO whole-grain solution for kids and adults who love a fun bowl of cereal. Crunching starts in five minutes! Protective Diet makes healthy living dreams come true with this not-too-sweet nostalgic cinnamon cereal made in your Instant Pot. Sugar-free Cinnamon Toast Crunchies can be made on the stovetop if you must, but the pressure cooker method is perfection. Pack them as a commuter snack or enjoy a meal-sized bowl swimming in cold plant-based milk.

  • Cinnamon Toast Crunchies Premium PD Recipe

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  1. This is so good!! I had no kamut and didn’t want to wait so used our puffed corn!! Wow!! So sweet and crunchy. My favorite so far. Thank you for such great, innovative recipes.