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Creamy Ranch Dressing Free PD Recipe

This dairy free Creamy Ranch Dressing keeps getting creamier with every passing month of eating an oil free and nut free plant based diet. If you are initially coming off full fat dressings, this version may taste a bit flat, but after just two and a half weeks our fat receptors in our taste buds stop searching for fats. Over time they become receptive to the trace natural fats found in foods. This is when the magic happens and Protective Diet Creamy Ranch Dressing starts to taste just like the full fat original you knew and loved.

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  1. The first time I tried this dressing I was not impressed, but that was before my taste bud reprogramming. I think no one should post a review until after their taste buds have changed. I thought it was bland. Now it’s so rich and creamy I can’t believe it. And spiced perfectly! It’s on my rotation now!

  2. I have a really stupid question. It doesn’t say to drain the tofu. But I did out of habit. Then made the dressing and it’s super think. Had to add a lot more soymilk. I was supposed to drain the tofu And Not add it water and all right?

    1. The 14 ounce box is refrigerated and water packed. If your box is 12 ounces, refrigerated, water packed and extra firm it will be fine. Don’t use the dry pre pressed tofu or shelf stable tofu the texture will be off.

  3. I don’t know why I waited so long to make this dressing. This is amazing!!! I left out the dill because I didn’t have any and loved it anyway. This will make it so easy to get more greens and raw veggies in my diet. Thank you Julie!!!

  4. I love this one so much. I make it every week. I use it for dips because it comes out thick. But when I want it on a salad I just add more soymilk. I’ve even used this in a veggie pasta salad and it turned out delicious. I also added it to the swedish meatball/gravy and it kind of tasted or at least had the consistency of “beef” stroganoff.