Fruit Jars Free PD Recipe

These prepared and ready to carry sweet treats are great for breakfasts on the run, lunch boxes, road trips and afternoon snacks. They stay fresh for several days, which will have you prepping once and stocked up with fresh and ready to go snacks for a few days. It’s so nice to wake up in the morning to precut fruit ready to carry to work or school. They are perfect after school snacks, no mess and no fuss.

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  1. Could you buy the fruit and freeze it, thaw it and then let it last a few more days? For example – I prepare 4 jars for monday-thursday, and then 3 freezer bags that I would take out and refrigerate thursday morning and transfer into the jars Thursday evening to last Friday-Sunday???

    Just trying to get through the week. 🙂

    1. Hi Marlene,
      I usually make 4 to 5 days worth at a time. Some types of fruit hold up better than others. If stacking different fruit, stack heavy first such as pineapple and top with lighter fruit such as berries.

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