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I recreated this comfort food favorite for my mother and I and made it unbelievably healthy. I can remember having the Gyro splitting debate on the way to Greek place called The Works. My mom would always say “Do you want to split one?” We seldom did; half was never enough…and the sauce! Oh, how we loved the sauce! It was never enough to dip all my fries in. I’d always ask for extra on the side. It was a miracle when I came up with this special sauce, recreated without any dairy. Then I created a kind and delicious replacement for the traditional heavily-seasoned lamb served in a Gyro. I layered it up in a pita heavy with onions, tomatoes, sauce and a side of Favorite Fries; I think I’ve put The Works to shame.

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Comments (4)

  1. posted by Melissa Owen on February 3, 2016

    These Gyros did not disappoint! I was worried that if I didn’t slather each slice of tofu in the marinade it wouldn’t be flavorful enough (I considered making a double batch of marinade – so glad I didn’t) The marinade is strong and a little bit goes a long way. Before PD I would buy the gyro kits at the grocery store and know that what I was eating was so processed that I almost couldn’t enjoy it. Now I don’t have to worry! Thanks for this awesome recipe Julie!

  2. posted by maria on March 29, 2016

    This is a family favorite and I make this one on a regular basis. I always make a double batch and put it in the freezer. I only use half of the amount of garlic.

  3. posted by psymjw on June 25, 2016

    An absolute “must try!”

  4. posted by momthedork on July 21, 2016

    Although there are many wonderful PD recipes I think this one is my all time favorites and my whole family agrees.

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