Rice Milk Free PD Recipe

If you have a high-speed blender and a ½ cup of raw rice, you are only a minute away from 3 beautiful white cups of clean, plant-based milk. Save yourself money, eliminate wasted packaging, and save trips to the store buying boxed plant-based milks which are often full of sugar, thickening agents and food additives.

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    1. You may also want to add a couple drops of stevia. Anytime extracts are used they need a sweetener to boost them and bring out their flavor.
      I typically use this milk in savory recipes so I haven’t tried adding vanilla.

    1. Sara, I’m sure you could mix it into another recipe, just not sure how it would turn out. I haven’t experimented with it, YET! I am so pleased with the beautiful and cost saving clean milk the rice makes that I am ok with tossing it, but I will work on coming up with a use for it. Thanks for the inspiration!

    1. That would work with cereal but not cream soups. I want to know if I did something wrong. You use raw brown rice correct? Blended with water and strained through a paint bag. No cooking?

      1. You did it correct, use dry uncooked brown rice. I think you might be squeezing the bag too hard. Allow it to naturally drip through. When the milk settles in the refrigerator it will form a glob in the bottom as most plant based milks do. Stir or shake it up and its good to go.

    1. I think a coffee filter would be to fine and slow, but if you give it a try will you let us know? I don’t have any or I would test it out for you. I prefer a 1 gallon nylon paint strainer from the hardware store. They are only $2, washable, reusable and hold more of the ground rice than a coffee filter.

  1. This is just another recipe that is awesome! I mean think about it, if its a tight week and you can’t afford soymilk then 1 cup of rice can make 4 cups of rice milk. This plan is awesome! I put this in my frosty tonight because I had a friend over who don’t do soy! The frostys were awesome!

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