Spicy Oil Free Curry Free PD Recipe & Cooking Video

Curry originated in South and Southeast Asian cuisines. It incorporates complex combinations of spices or herbs, usually including fresh or dried hot chilies. I’m bringing you a classic Indian spiced curry that is filled with traditional ingredients and a bit of heat to make dinner exciting and filled with warming flavors of toasted cumin seeds, turmeric, ginger, garlic and finished with the bright freshness of cilantro. The elimination of the oil is the untraditional part of this recipe. I have served this dish to many curry lovers and never once was asked about the lack of oil. If curry is one of your favorite dishes, give this one a try – it’s sure to please. If you’ve never experienced these exotic spice blends before, don’t wait another day. I encourage you to invite a friend over that is fond of and experienced with these flavors. Their excitement for this dish will encourage you to broaden your palate for worldly cuisine.

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  1. I love curry! Used to favor a Japanese curry restaurant when I lived in Torrance, CA but would eat ANY curry I could get into my mouth. I love the varied flavors and spice level of each different curry. Prior to PD I was primed to use coconut milk in order to sweeten my curry. IN fact a Filipino friend of mine used to make me chicken curry and it was the best! Until now…and Julie’s take on healthy curry.

    I have tried to duplicate other curry recipes I have tasted, such as the one I used to eat in Chinatown, Oakland, CA at a Cambodia restaurant, needless to say, I failed. I didn’t set expectations high this time as nothing came close to flavors I once enjoyed. I followed the directions as laid out by Julie. The only exception I added chopped carrots to my dish. I had also debated using chopped tofu in place of chickpeas, but stuck to the recipe and I am glad I did.

    As I added ingredient after ingredient along with the spices you could finally smell the curry coming together. It was absolutely divine! I skipped the jalapeño and Thai peppers, opting for red pepper flakes, which worked out very well and gave the curry just enough spice. For some reason I love potatoes in my curry, which made me add a few more than the recipe called for.

    I ate my curry over a mixture of Jasmine brown rice and forbidden rice. As it is with most recipes, I am sure the given 24 hours the flavors will meld together and taste even better for leftovers. Regardless, if you like curry give this on a shot, it’s absolutely spot on! Thanks Julie!

  2. Oil free, nut free, gluten free, dairy free spicy, curry. I added a few veggies: baby zucchini, and Maitake mushrooms, I wanted to add some chard but my pan wasn’t big enough. I loved Indian take out but its loaded with oil. This recipe is amazing. I cant wait for lunch leftovers and have another dinner ready to go with rice in the freezer. This dish smells exotic while cooking with all those spices and is beautiful with all the colors.

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