Za’atar Vinaigrette Premium PD Recipe


Oil-free full-bodied flavorful salad dressings are just part of what makes a Protective Diet delicious, and without them I would not be able to sustain an oil-free whole food plant-based diet. Garden fresh cucumbers and tomatoes are delicious, but when tossed in Za’atar Vinaigrette, I look forward to enjoying them daily. Even winter’s grocery store veggies will come to life with a toss in this antioxidant abundant salad dressing. Set yourself up with a double batch stash of PD custom blended Za’atar spice mix and quickly shake up a generous jar of this top rated oil-free vinaigrette to keep up with your protective raw salad routine.

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  1. posted by Kathleen March on April 13, 2018

    This dressing was so good that I am not ashamed to admit I licked the plate after finishing the Chopped Salad just to make sure I enjoyed every drop.

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