Anti-inflammatory Resistant Starch Fries Premium PD Recipe

Steaming and chilling potatoes transforms regular spuds into a powerhouse prebiotic functional food. In addition to that benefit, this technique also enhances the texture of low-calorie, oil-free, air-fried french fries producing the ultimate prep-ahead potatoes for PD pros and your protective microbes. The Instant Pot “cook and chill” step in making these fridge-handy high-fiber fries strengthens starch fibers allowing them to bypass digestion in the upper GI tract, eliminating spikes in blood sugar, and delivering the resistant starch plant fiber to your lower-level microbes. Fiber-loving microscopic good guys living in the colon then transform the resistant starch into an anti-inflammatory short chain fatty acid called butyrate. In Protective Diet Education, I call this a Butyrate Bath. This bath of inflammation-reducing SCFAs flows throughout your body and brain, eliminating pain and discomfort associated with inflammatory disease. Maintaining a high-fiber, plant-diverse Protective Diet and healthy lifestyle allows you to host protective resident microbes that reverse and prevent disease.

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  1. Yep! It’s a winner. I loved these potatoes and love knowing that they are doing my body more just by steaming and chilling before using. Love them. Along with some HVR to dip in… easy and delicious.

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