Chia Chugger Satiation Sipper Premium PD Recipe

This multi-level prebiotic functional beverage will supply your healthy resident microbes with a variety of protective polyphenols and resistant starch. In return, your microbes will flood your body with an anti-inflammatory butyrate bath. When fed their favorite fuel, these busy buggers create this comforting short-chain fatty acid leaving you satiated, pain-free, and protected from inflammatory disease. In the winter, I break my daily fast with a Beauty Broth Hot Pot to manipulate my microbes’ appetite and stay naturally slim. This high-fiber UV protective beverage does the same to curb the appetite with well-fed microbes in the summer season. It satisfies my resident good guys who control my appetite and food cravings. Motivated by tendencies to gorge myself, I created this cooling microbe satiation sipper to enjoy in warm weather in place of my winter appetite-suppressing soup starter. While I plate my meal, I chug the chia and my microbes are satisfied, signaling calming neurotransmitters to soothe me through dinner. This beverage allows me to reduce my food volume without feelings of restriction. Initially, at the end of my meal I feel very full, but this beverage, like the beauty broth, quickly absorbs to hydrate my body and leaves me feeling perfectly nourished and comfortable.

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  1. I love this recipe…reminds me of the chia kombucha that was a favorite from the past. So easy to set up a few days worth in the fridge and enjoy one whilst plating dinner before sitting down to eat! Really does the trick of curbing appetite.

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