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We’ve created a high-quality copycat blend of this PD community’s favorite tea bag to cut costs, reduce waste and maximize polyphenol protection on cold weather days. We adored the original, described as an indulgent silky smooth Rooibos enveloped by creamy real vanilla beans, kissed with sweet Honeybush, and rich cacao you can melt into as a plant-based latte. With the rise in vanilla costs, its production discontinued. During that time of total disappointment, I realized it was all for the betterment of my health, my pocketbook, and our planet. After learning of the chemicals that brewed straight into our tea from the pretty little bags, I eliminated toxins from my diet by switching to loose tea. This reduced my spendy gourmet sipping cost while protecting our planet, using convenient organic bulk ingredients. The ritual of making this comforting gourmet brew on the stovetop offers a pleasurable Workplace for Wellness activity followed by a healthy dose of protection. Focused on a protective lifestyle, I continue to evolve as I create new satisfying actions that become a part of my regular everyday betterment routine. Thank you for joining in and taking daily action to support a better life experience for humans, animals, and our planet.

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